Thursday, May 7, 2009

AC Basic(ed)!!!!!!!

Haha, so long nvr post liao.

the outing with maple peeps was ok lah... we sat ard at star bucks listening mostly to cc and jay91 tell ghost stories... jay91 look so old loh... i expect him to be like mid 20s but he only 1 year older than me. maybe cos he very fit and dark cos of NS bah? dunnoe. and nebby treated 8 ppl at sakea for dinner, thanks nebby!!!

so much happened over the weekends and through the course of the wk in maple :S now in a new guild yet again. oh wells.

i insisted on trying to zak myself today. i think cos last time i nvr switch to lowest quality tt's why dc. stupid me ya i know :S and so managed to get AC today! nonetheless i still keep alt tabbing throughout. alt tab before zak down cos i scared dc, so i didnt see the zak drops. when i alt tab back all the drop fall to the ground le and at 1st only see the raindeer milk on the floor. everything else in the middle looted le (but i nvr walk all the way lah, only stay on <<< side of the map) then someone said ac <<< then i saw 2 zak helm on the floor, then i saw the AC! so happy, just walked over and looted it w/o asking :P but then on the squad list say that i'm the only one coming for ac today so i just looted :P apparently someone wrongly looted the AR basic :S

new age started in wol. went out yest and missed the 24 hrs mark to train sold, end up only train at the 12hour mark. till now my dpa is not that great, opa worst:S still managed to gather 5 or 6k to plunder this target with close to 1m gc and with only solds for def. got 200++K which really helped my under training problem. in gen my undead is growing very nicely. 2.6k acres already. halted attacks today as we might go to war. might log in and attk later on if we arent gng to war yet...

didnt make it to my lvl 110 goal by today, in fact, i'm a whole 1 lvl behind schedue. dont feel like playing that much anymore, plus mum n dad keeps bugging me non stop. barely played at all yest. went to play sonny 2 and desktop tower def pro instead. both are really cool game n ya shd try them out too. waiting for the badges to come out in desktop tower def pro. all its previous games had badges so i'm sure this one would too. 1 more lvl to get max shout! contemplating whether to add shout to lvl 28 now. cos that extra range wld really help... whereas if the stun didnt work i can just press again. since i want the extra range so that i can cast on top of below the mob w/o taking any damage... currently eating a lot of cheese at gobies due to the irritating bone fish :S makes me feel a tab like gng back to eSW and train since the exp there is at least faster. oh wells, i nid check hidden street for the shout range n stun rate for lvl 28 1st...

didnt eat much pots at zak today. only 11 ice cream pops and 85 melting cheese. ice cream pops cos i was scared at the arms part, actually my pt BS is very good lah, keep heal so i didnt need to pot... melting cheese is cos of my darling husky, it will auto eat 1 cheese whenever 1/1, and sometimes if the BS didnt heal. but w/o the auto hp pouch i wont dare to keep alt tabbing. actually i think it'll be fine if i dont alt tab... but why take the risk? :S esp since i already dced twice last time... :S the very very last thing i need from zak is the zak cert... fot HTing next time... but i'm still a long way from HTing so next time than say bah... haiz. stupid scar helm, keeps leaving me a feeling of smthing undone... once i get that scar helm than i can say bb to bossing with other till much much later... maybe when i 16X? unless i want join zak attacking squad... but the fixed time schedue thing is a prob for me since my parent DO NOT want me to maple :S i thinking next time i will solo zak when i free... but of cos that's super long later. HT? ht neck n egg??? haiz, that one i really dunnoe. i dont think i will get it at all actually. too ex to buy le :S then join squad? nowadays 16X also hard to get in squad, all want higher lvl de. unless got lobang again. somemore i really dunnoe if my lappy can make it for HT, and once again, its the fixed schedue thing that i really cant garentee. my parent can just walk in the rm and ask me to help cook, vacum, wash the dishes etc and what can i say to them? can only delay and soon they'll get angry with me etc... always happens. i wanna maple this hols and to maple i gotta help with the hse work... already i've been putting off packing my room for days so tha ti cld train, and so that i cld zak today... oh wells...

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