Monday, June 1, 2009

almost there!

44% more to hero! almost there! i'll be broke aft job change tho, nid to pay 10m to get the items... yeah in spite of my unwillingness to pay for the items... griffey n manon have stupid 2-6 hour spawn times and a lot of ppl are aft manon for its cry in order to go ht. AND they need to get the cry everytime to go ht, so imagine the no. of ppl gng aft manon... zzzzzzzzzz

they say that you just need to be in the map to loot the items but well... its not that easy to find a manon is the 1st place. maybe i shall ask ard and see if got any ard 1st. anyways i managed to get my 1st maple leaf with int today... oh and did i already mention that i have total of 54 int? hehehe, managed to scroll a +8 int maple earrings, 3rd time lucky indead! boomed the 1st two earrings unceremouniously. like NONE of the slots passed before it boomed. talk abt bad luck. so now i got a +7 int maple leaf, so i can get an extra 6mp when i lvl tmr. anxiously waiting for the sale starting on 5th june. got a lot of lvls to wash out. didnt wash out since 115 (waiting for sale) so when i lvl tmr that'll be 6 lvls to wash! nid to recalculate how many lvls i can wash out.. not sure if i got enough mp to keep adding to hp every lvl past 120. oh wells... gng slp liao, tata

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