Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks JP!!!

2nd time i got my name in a mega! sadly i was rushing off for mother day dinner yest so i didnt get to see the mega personally in game... JP posted this tho
Thanks JP aka 1+1=2!

gonna lvl 111 today, than i'll aim for 113 by the weekend (meaning by sun nite)... hopefully i can reach it... shall start mapling at 12 wahaha. left 15 or so % only so can lvl ard 2am? then aft lvling will have 8k+ hp liaos! switched to using milks le, since milks a a tad cheaper than cheese in terms of cost per hp healed. when i reach 10k hp can use the NLC pot that heals 60% of hp. it sells of 6k so it'll be cheaper than using milks once hp reaches 10k n above. that means i'll need my storage char in NLC tho! haha, my chemchem storage char still doing maple tutorials! didnt bother abt it at all aft creating it the other day... watever lah, really cant be bothered abt it :P lq joined my guild a couple of days ago... still waiting n hoping tt she will help me get scar helm... now aft that incident i think she got no mood le lah... oh wells... i dont want to go bugging her also, cos she already helped me so many times le. can only blame myself for throwing it out. anyways i'm gald i still have targa helm :D targa helm much harder to get leh... mostly ppl selling scar helm serv only, no targa helm serv. only that i cant show off that's all... lol.

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