Saturday, May 9, 2009

maxed shout!

so i did add shout to lvl 28 at 109, since the range was max 200% and stun rate of 93%... which is quite high already, not much diff from the maxed 95% stun rate. the range is much much better now, but smtimes hit mobs i didnt want to agro, and of cos that small % chance of failure means that sometimes it fails and end up i get hit more instead. lvled today thks to the 2x exp event. tmr also have 2x, but i dunnoe how much of it i can make use of. nid to go out tmr morning for some family stuff... that's why i stop mapling so early today... dunnoe what time will come home and dunnoe if gng out aft that also... oh wells... wanna revise my 3 lvl a week goal to 2 lvls a week liao... then can go play other games also and read my books more... but at the same time i'm anxious to reach 120. or rather, get my lvl 11 brandish when it'll be more useful. low lvl brandish is like... rather useless, at least lvl 11 dish can hit 2 mobs...

since i have ac basic already, i'll go with 1 rush, 1 dish, 1 ac at lvl 120 ^^
hope can get someone to help hunt griffy n manon, or hope i can down it myself at like 2 or 3am when hopefully no one is looking for that 2 mobs... how ex can it be to down them myself? compared to paying 10m for the items... and i'm really really not very rich... i can buy like 2000++ melting cheese with 10m, i'm sure i wont use that many cheese to down the two bosses??? dunnoe lah, they have like 3.7m hp each or smthing like that... i nid to research on how much damage they do and if they got any skills like dp or 1/1 like pianus has... 

110 le! seems like so close to 4th job, yet in reality it'll take me at least at least 3 weeks to gain that 10 lvls. and with the exp per hour at gobies dropping n dropping, it'll only get harder. i'm quite sure i get less than 10% per hour there le, but i nvr (and dont want) to know exactly how much % per hour... no where else for me to go anyways. unless i can find a tag prz/bs, than i can go places like mong where there's good exp. but how many prz/bs wld pt with a crus at mong??? they prefer dk, but most of them are spamming/leeching these days, its so hard to find a pt anywhere else...  haiz.

okays, still gotta dump 1001 items into the fluff friends well in hope of getting my foxee deco, need to pet the wff list, but before all that, i still wanna take a look and see if they have any new badges at kongregate games. more imptly i'm waiting for the desktop tower def pro badges to be out :D ^^

okays, till next time!

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