Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hi again

not a very productive day in terms of mapling today. only train 32% thus far. but drop wise wasnt too bad. got a overall dex 60 and a claw attk 60. didnt even know i got a claw att 60 till later on when looking in my use inv. not even sure when i got it... but shd be today bah, dont recall seeing it yest. dunnoe lah. my use inv a bit messy now, quite a lot of unsold scrolls. so anyways, not bad lah. can cover my pot cost for the next few days of training ^^

went monging yest. super burn pot and not that fast also. soloing that is. cos the mong keep using magic att and push u away from the mob. so in the end its more efficient to lure a bunch then stand amongst them and mob. makes better use of coma also that way. but luring = waste pots (also the mongs walk very fast, i cant outrun them! in fact they keep running over me) and waste time. so end up the exp didnt feel that fast either. not very sure how many % per hour. trained there from like ard 3am to ard 3.40am or more cos i die die wanted to lvl yest. took ard 40++min just to get my last 9% or so? not sure, really didnt keep track, but i dont feel that it was worth that pot spamming. went back to squids also, still feel that gobies faster than squids... that one i did measure. although it felt fast, cos u kept killing a lot of them (no super def up there) but end up in 10mins i got less than 1%!!! that's at most 6% per hour!!! way too slow. at least i think gobies can fetch me 7+% per hour. dunnoe lah... can only slowly train to 120. might have to end up paying 10m for the 4th job items also.. dunnoe lah. cos that stupd manon n griffery that 3-6 hours to spawn, and a lot of ppl are gng aft manon for the cry (to do ht). griffery i'm not too sure, but when i used nebby's hero to look for griffery, i didnt find any in all 20 chnls.... might have to wake up early in the morn to hunt? or wait till 4am n hunt... got serv check tmr sia :S 7 to 2pm, so long! hope wont extend or have any probs aft server check also. okays, back to training now.

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