Tuesday, May 19, 2009

no mood to train till new patch is out!!!

yup, new patch coming out tmr! loads of exciting new stuff such as time temple, elin forest, REDUCED EXP PER LVL! yay man! no mood to train now till the reduced exp thing is out. also, there's cash shop discount!!! YAY YAY YAY! went slacking ard with jp just now, his char clocked today already so end up we went pianus... and end up i died 3 times :X so now totally no mood to train till the exp per lvl is reduced liaos... lost like 20++% in one day... lol, new record... wanna wash hp to 18k by 16X but that meanst i nid to get int eq with 19 int. but i got no $$$ :X ewwww....

went soloing clock with nebby's char the other day... and here are the SS i took!

Summoning the clock...

Dish dish dish... whacking B1

Whackng B2, not bad damage eh? Considering... (look below to see what i mean)

lousy drops... soloed clock in 36mins!

considering the noob eqs... heros rock! (neck is unscrolled, everything except for cape and helm is clean. cape scrolled with a str, helm i cant remember... everything he's wearing is n00b!) wat do ya expect from an abandones char anyways :X

nebby's stats

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