Saturday, May 23, 2009

maple ep 2

and so i finally got to play the new maple. exp went up by ard 20% with the new table, and then i managed to train n lvl up today.

went to try out the dojo... cant get past frankeinstein, watever that mpq boss is called. soloing i mean... well did get past him once, and made it past chimera too, but died at the snack bar... prob with frankestien is, just like papa pixie actually, he keeps putting u in darkness or skill lock, making up unable to attack and get any pots. its like mcpq btw, u cant use your own pots, nid to kill mobs spawned by the boss to get it. sometimes the boss doesnt spawn any mobs, or the mobs dont drop any pots (or drop the wrong pots) or cos u're in darkness and cant kill... really not easy to solo. even high lvled warriors have problems with soloing manon... cos its got 1/1 skill, stun... etc... how to solo? gosh! even linddy died at manon... how to get that stupid wiseman medal that need kill 100 of the final boss? ew... managed to get the white belt today tho, add 1 to all stats... k lah... its a permanent item so ya... good loh :P

play maple with my sis just now n she scrolled my spiedeman neck for me, passed so now i got extra 76 mp from my eqs.... really good since with my washing w/o int eq my mp is dropping real fast... haven wash out the 5 pts in hp today... they took the bundle of 5 ap reset off the shleves! WTF! i know they selling it at suntec event but wat the???? if they took it off forever i will kill them!!! i haven wash finish my hp yet!!!!!! and nid wash out my lk also! grrrrr

kk, goig to farm my maple eaves now, and $$$ at the same time

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