Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Maple is still not up yet, so let me post some pictures and screeniess!!!!!!
note that the pictures are taken with my hp so the quality it lao ya pok one....

UPDATE: The Server Check has been extended till till further notice
Win liao...
Pawnt. now blogger also got problem, nid wait!!!! GRRRRRR
Edit: now okay le... finally...

Here are the pics i took that day at the asiasoft game fest.

Some SS of my 120 crus (haven take any SS of me using 4th job skills yet, tho i did take videos, just realised i didnt take any SS aft i become hero either, all videos nia). Eagerly waiting for the AP reset sale on friday. i have 30 AP to wash out into str now. 30... that's really a lot... enough to make my max damage increase by 1k hopefully? :P

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