Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A New Hero is Born!

Yup yup! i made it 120 yesterday, and subsequently advanced to be a hero, and obtained my rush skill book too, so now i have 1 in rush, 1 in advanced combo, and 1 in brandish YAY! haha, that extra pink orb changes my coma colour to pink, and my panic release animation is now in pink too, but the orb is super small... they treat it as u only charged up 1 orb!

last night cldnt find any guildmates to do rush quest with me, then went fm and shouted for a while... didnt find anyone... went out, found a pile of sleepywood town scrolls and a red whip! yeah man! 2nd time i find smthing on the floor in perion okays! last time was with my storage, found an archilles bk 2 and dunnoe wat else... not bad loh, i was still thinking nid to buy a red whip so that i can do the alchemist quest that let u scroll stuff u cant eq on. then i went back to fm and shout... and saw this guy wanting to buy an unreadable book for the rush quest. so we talked for a while, then he say he want go now then disappear from fm. so i went sleepywood there n find him... pted him and then when we walk into the map with the portal for rush quest... i not sure which portal is the right one, cos i know there have a few portals in diff maps, so i just went that portal and try my lk... bingo correct! so i just start killing loh (and ignore that poor boy) but he just left the map anyways... luckly its not mini dungeon style... like 1 person go out then all out kind... managed to kill 200 within 15mins, with time left and even tho i wasted some time talking n alt tabbing to record video... and run out to off the boiling water... i was quite scared i cant finish in 15 mins, then no sure if he willing to go my map n help me in the special quest map again - i had 7mins + left and 100 more to go. managed to do it anyways thankfully... and tada rush! aft tt went mulang dojo for a while... made it all the way to the bluemush (solo) and died cos i not enough acc to hit... all miss nia! not used to using rush yet... or brandish. i think i'll still stick with PS at least till my brandish clearly outdamages PS. now a lot of the times its lower or only on par? not sure lah... but then i really dunnoe how to arrange my keyboard liao, cos some stuff like the normal attack still nid, eg in dojo solo mode n u kena sealed, or when hitting the bamboo to hit the bot check monster in mong... then now with all the keys like monster book etc, i really have no space on my keyboard liao. nid to rearrange things again later. when the server check is done... F3... so slow one -.-...

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