Thursday, June 4, 2009


lvl 121 now!!! yeah man! since its late n i nid wake up early tmr, and cos i'm lazy, i shall copy what i wrote on the forums to here:

this is so cool! i was training at eSW
map - share map with an i/l mage, then aft that this mit guy ask if he
can take over map when i done, i said ok, then later he say pass map to
this BS... then ard handover time... BS suddenly say want spam for
me... for free... ^^ and she br ringer somemore... and asked me to loot
^^ 1st time i leeching sia... not bad, free exp and $ for abt 30mins
(then she afk n slp liao)

on another note:

Brandish ROCKS! even tho lvl 1 brandish ard same damage as PS nia but
its feels fast... such a nice sight aft PSing all my life. lv 4 dish
feels abt the same as lvl 1 dish tho. like damage increase not very
significant? or maybe a bit hard to tell cos i'm always switching btw
the orbs since i coma once i hit 5/6 orbs. Rush ROCKS too. esp at maps
with fast spawn like eSW. rush, collect orbs, coma. collect orbs, rush
coma. finally an easier way to make full use of coma's mobbing ablity!

quite spam pots at eSW also, and cos i switchin btw my left over milks,
the mob dropped unagi, some residue white pots from gaga, and honster,
i cant tell if the pot usage is higher than at dark wyverns. i think
its lesser tho, i spammed at 1k milks at dark wyverns and didnt train
the full 4 hours, here i went with 680 milks (and finished) and used
less than 100 honsters but i trained way more than 4 hours. still nid
to farm $$$ for my dish bk 2 (or to hunt it) tho. exp at eSW is faster
than dark wyverns tho. sian. its much easier to hunt dark wyverns if i
have higher lvl of dish... but then where is my dish20 gonna come from?



/end of post

ya, not bad eh, an eSW map which i dont nid anymore cos i gng to slp for a free 8% exp! note they kindly waited at the side/top while i was training. yes and from 1am onwards, which is the time they really started camping at the map, i was soloing! ya man, a 120 hero killing so slowly that the map was filled with spawn soloing... how cool is that? and as for me... gosh i love those thick thick spawn. and with rush? gosh its just the best that you can ever have! rush the mobs from 1 side of the map to the other, then coma, dish, coma dish... soloing the map is so fun, the exp will be superb once my brandish is of higher damage, and when it can hit 2 or 3 mobs at once... i cant wait! but 1st i nid to get my dish20 :X i saw ppl sold 3 dish20 at 100m each.... wth! previously got someone sold at 40m. i guess i have to wait a bit... and hope that the prices will dip enough by the time i save up. yeah.... nid to save up $ else i wont be able to keep up with my eSW training during my 2x exp. i'm not gonna renew the 2x exp when i expires. too much of a chore to play 4 hours each day (till so late at that) and for that 4 hours its gotta be solid hard training else u're wasting the 2x. doesnt help that now i nid to farm so that i can afford to train either. :X

not bad today tho, found a black mamba (tradeable) and looted a cape for str 10% scroll while the BS spammed for me. the claw i wont sell in hopes that my sin will someday be able to weild it, while the scroll... dunnoe how much its worth... hope it worth a pretty penny tho ^^

kk i really nid to go slp now. tata!

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