Saturday, June 20, 2009


its been so long since i updated any of my blogs... :P

KoC is out, and my osul master is now lvl 30. i'm stuck there... well kinda... since i wanna go low dex, but in the end i still have to add my dex to 20, then its still not enough acc for me to hit many mobs since they are way abouve my lvl, plus my acc is really too low since the only acc/dex eq i have was my 10dex maple leaf (which shd have expired by now).  so now i'm back to hunting dish 20 for my hero... who is lvl 125 already. just... 6 sp waiting to add into dish but the sb is stilll... elusive! ppl are selling the bk at like wat... 90m the CHEAPEST... most ar like 10Xm or more. pawnt... i only have 3Xm and considering that i spam 100 honster every 30mins at dark wyverns by the end of the weekend i'll be left with 2Xm... :( sobs... and no dish20! used 2 30mins 2x drop from family so far, and still nothing!

on the other hand, i've gotten my stance, blocking (just for the heck of getting it).... so all that i'm left with is enrage. haiz... i want my dish 20! i really dont wish to be hunting dish 20 till i reach 13X okays?

and then cos my dad take leave this wk, whole week keep going out my family, barely mapled, nvr even have chance to buy acash when my pet's meso magnet and item pounch expired last week! this week is all the pet items sale already, die die also must buy it now. i dont care! i will buy a pet eq and a name tag as well! dunnoe if i shd buy another pet... :X

okays, we are gng out to orchard soon, gotta get changed.

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