Thursday, June 25, 2009

One SUPER Long post coming up!

yups, since i've not blogged in a while, i shall give u one long post in a while!

several huge things have happened... well for one my KoC char shall be abandoned until further notice... basically until i can afford to get some acc/dex eqs... plan to hunt a maple sword tmr for my char... since i so foolishly upgraded my old one and boomed it...

anyways... after weeks of hunting and farming for brandish bk 2, i finally got it two days ago aft 12 midnight aft at least 26 hours of hunting... and i mean at least 26 hrs of solid hunting cos i really didnt bother to keep track :X and thankfully, it passed... PHEW! if it failed... i can only scream SOS... by then i was already lvl 126 and had 9 SP saved. so 1 shot lvl 19 brandish. it was shiok i tell you! hitting 2 mobs at once is definitly a huge improvement, not to mention the damage increase. i had vowed to myself that i will keep hunting dish20 till i got all 5 monster cards... the 1st 3 cards took me super long to get.... then the last 2 cards came amazingly on the same day, much much faster than expected. since when u complete the monster book for that particular mob u get exp bonus from hunting the mob, i stayed there and whack to make use of the exp bonus... by then i had completely no moob to hunt anymore... really wanted to give up (already considered the farming to buy option the day b4, went to hunt llbi but no luck aft 3++ hrs) at that time. then shortly into the exp bonus, like 10mins or so... dish 20 dropped. the ONLY skillbk i got from dark wyverns ok? lucky me...! and it passed... double happiness!

then next day i went farm a bit, and brought my dish 30 bk at 31.5m... but it FAILED!!!!!!!! 31.5m just fly like that ok! that left me with 5m only!!!!! then no choice loh... can only continue farming... since hunting dish30 from clock is like... not practical at all... somemore ppl hunted daily for wks and didnt get... :X then holycow BLed me with his trader acct and i ask him help me find dish30 in fm... he so kind help me find, and since i didnt have enough $ (and still dont) he help me buy 1st.. 30m... HOLYCOW, it passed! lol... holycow is my lucky charm sia! hehehe dish30 is so shiok! i love the brandish animation! sweep sweep, sweep sweep, brush brush, brush brush. esp when it 1HKO, very gently we sweep the mobs away! haha, so now its a str road to max dish, and start adding AC. AC not much of a prob, AC bk 2 i have 2 copies already, and since bk3 drop from skeles, its definitly gonna be cheap. aft that then i will add to stance loh. oh yeah i went complete the blocking (just for fun) and stance quests liao, so the only skill that i dont have is enrage... and its also the most troublesome one :X oh and hero's will too... nid miniature pianus which i have to buy. ok lah i remember seeing it in FM and its not TOO ex... they say its not worth collecting urself... and considering how i still have my bad memories of dieing multiple times at pianus... i think i'd aviod it for a while longer. preferably aft i max ac then start my bossing life...

and gosh... i hate them content managers or whoever at AS....!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U TO DEATH!!!! last time sg boss used to heal 10k per 10sec... it was great exp n $$$ for 9X maplers. i was 6X,7X,8X then. then i trained hard n reach 9X... and they made sg boss heal 80k per 10 sec!!!!!!!! 80k!!! i go in hit till boss 80% hp, then he heal to full hp liao!!!!! so become lvl 12X with decent lvl of dish then can hit. i went in at lvl 121 or smthing like that, with noob dish... and didnt manage to down cos i cldnt do 80k damage in 10 secs. then just the other day, i friend, a 104 crus was saying how he just went solo sg boss!!!!! apprarently they removed healing from sg boss altogether!! WTH!!!!!! now when i can kill sg boss when he heal 80k per 10sec they change to no heal at all! ARGHS! and all the my boss no longer heals too. sheesh! cheat my feelings!!!!!

and below... are some SS of my hero :D
and oh... haha, i got really really sick of hunting at d. wyverns, so i went splurging on acash and got myself a robo... which evolved into a green robo :D

OMG! ITS BRANDISH 20!!!!(can see from the top right hand corner i got it shortly aft i found the 5th monster card)

My heart was racing as i double clicked the skill book... BINGO it passed!

yupyup, it passed alright, master lvl of brandish increased to 20!

Summoning the SG boss

SG boss drops...

my 2 pets... (and linddy's mega)

yes yes... i was super lazy to search the fm and bought the owl to do the search for me. this shows that the 30m bk holycow bought for me today wasnt on sale yet when i did the search the day b4

and so i bought the bk at 31.5m (to cover tax) from wintermilk

but it failed... :(

Passed on 2nd try! thankfully! else i'd be condemned to a lifetime of farming at bye bye station :X

spotted a lvl 120 SM in the fm, i love that divine bird! i'm gonna chiong my SM to lvl 120 once i settle the acc problem! which is... when my hero is 13X or 14X at least... :X (okays, on the other hand i'm gonna reach 13X real soon)

my 1st ever 2X exp card expired today... :( 2x exp rocks but the timings for the cards are really sucky... if they have a 2 hour per day card its still much more possible for me to play during sch time... now thks to the 10-2am time slot i've become a night owl!

okays, that's all i have for now! looking forward to adding AC :D

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