Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Bang Chaos

Ha... its like i'm making one post per semester. I swear i'll make more effort to post... and i say that every time but man... posting the SSes to facebook directly is SOOOOO much more convenient. You can say that i've gotten way too lazy to post any SSes in here... its really very trouble some... i either have to upload the photos one by one to blogger, or upload them to photo bucket 1st before posting them here -.-'''

way too much effort for a lazy bum like me.

*goes off to photo bucket*

ah... i've uploaded a few SSes there to post into forums last time.... shall just post them here later on than.

Please do visit my facebook page... add me as a friend... check out my screenshots... watever... just pop by ok? i pretty much accept every single friend request. my photo albums are visible to all. find it much more convenient... i can organize all my SS into the different chars and all...

hmmm... so its been a last time since i updated anything here. i'll try to summarize wat i've done in maple in the past... half a year?

1) i chionged hero to 197... by... cheating yes... in core. sure i still have to hit and all, and i was the rusher too... i dont think its leeching, cos i am not! but its still cheating nonetheless.... too bad i had exams or i'd cheat to 200 and be done with it lol. its still tough to train the last few lvls after big bang. not that much of a exp rate improvement for those with noob damage like me. i take like 3 hits at TT red 4 now. still less than 1% exp per hour... didn’t take note of the exact exp % gained per hour tho. i guess i dont want to either. its depressing. bossing gives pathetic exp too. solo toad gives 1.8% only... sighz. now stuck at 197.

2) i played mech! on jms! haha. went to get a vpn and all to try out the mechs... jms was fun, think they have a cool event going now but i stopped playing ever since i stopped mapling cos of exams. love the monster book system in jms... really wish we have it in msea. since my japanese standard is really bad... interacting with the other players was quite a... terrifying? experience... starting from scratch in a server with rather bad inflation is... well i've gotta make use of those events to make my bucks, but since i'm not even playing jms now... yeah... the free vpn connection is kinda slow so... i dont think i'll really be playing jms anymore.

exams ended on the day big bang hit msea, so i've been playing msea only ever since.

3) big bang... well heros got the shorter end of the stick IMO. very short end of the stick perhaps. dont argue with me abt how 'pro' we are last time etc etc... (get ur facts right, we got pawned by NLs, BM, aran etc all the time). anyway if the classes were REALLY balanced, you wont see another re-balancing patch coming in jump. cant wait for jump to come. panic working on bosses will really give our damage a much needed boost. removal of achilles however, TOTALLY SUCKS. its not like heros wont get any damage? damn. i dont think our damage even after jump will be really good though. whereas palas get uber high def, hp restoration skills, AND high damage. darn. you just cant predict things in life can you? or maple.

i still love my hero tho, despite its nub damage and all. i've made a decision to stop cubing. its wasting way too much of my $. i'm not rich enough to keep throwing away money like that... i'm not even earning my own keep sigh.

3) resistance classes... WH lvl 77, bam still lvl 55 only. gotta get it to lvl 70 for the ring before mech comes out. cos i'm definitely gonna be playing mech XD. its so darn over powered i swear! even w/o any BOF or decent eqs, my mech was like 1hko-ing all the mobs at my lvl... something that my bam cant even do with decent eqs and a lvl 9 bof! sheesh! mech is really way over powered. that's maple's idea of balance. go play all the new classes, they are ridiculously strong, have cool skill animations, great skills at low lvls that beats wat others get in 4th job... sheesh. balanced my foot!

that's all that happened in maple... i think...?

in other maple related news....

hidden street.... everyone else has gone MIA again... even ice disappeared after adding the resistance skills. so much for all his talk abt wanting to do the thieve job skills and all the maps... i must say i didn’t do much in comparison to our uber fast admin saigo. seriously he is... its no wonder the two of them started the site. i get bored or tired after a while... he updates stuff for like the whole day.... everyday! he pretty much single handedly did all the mobs and maps updates. and like half the skills too. i guess i was too distracted with the game itself... T.T

but at least i didn’t run off halfway! and still did more than the rest of them...

speaking of which.. my training grounds guide still isnt finished yet. i did update the faq in lounge though, and put up a skill allocation guide too. tired... i shd go to xp and do the attendance taking event n head off to bed... but before i go, the SSes...

Guild + Heros Loungers CWKPQ. Us doing random stuff...

haha, quite a long time back i posted abt our 1st cwkpq... we had many rounds after that, and i necked evan and db.

it took my heros dam a lot of tries to get my 3 liner tho. was either wa8 necks, 2 liners, or just boomed in my face with the pot scroll. wasted A LOT of pot scrolls... T.T

in the end like i was the only one re-necking... and got to re-neck like 2 or 3 times in a single round...

law bought a few heart chocolates (or watever it was called >< ) as donations and kindly sent to the rest of us.
ok, finally some recent photos... WH getting jaira XD

caught at 3:53pm, friday 17th june 2011, cc16 aquila.

i honestly thought i'd missed it again (previously stayed till like 5am but to no avail)... than i randomly cc-ed and saw the blue message... and there it was... the shiny eyes... right in front of me! i was so excited that my hands were shaking...! thankfully there were no ks-ers... else i wouldn’t have taken any SSes for sure.

whee! speed and jump increase yay! i'm obsessed with getting max speed and jump on my hero, and faster movement speed for every one else too... so getting jaira was... just great. esp since the normal mount, tho having 180% spd... doesn’t add any jump! sucks cos i'm so used to the max jump (and max speed w/o mount!) on my hero. yeah, thanks to the evolving ring, my hero doesn’t need maple cape for max spd and jump anymore XD!

i saw this guy waiting in the map, so i cc-ed... either cc-ed or re-enter map... than i met jaira XD
dont think that all was so easy for me... i cc-ed and re-entered maps till my maple hang up and i have to restart maple... so glad i didn’t miss it XD. still i'm lucky to have gotten jaira on my 2nd camping session. hehe :)

my keyboard arrangements for WH. the bad thing abt playing maple on mac (dual boot xp) is that i dont have all the keys like end, home, page up/down, insert, del... wat else? i dont even have scroll lock to take SSes so i have to press Fn, F12 and ... and... darn... i must be too tired... either the cont or shift key... or smthing like that. 3 keys at once to take an SS -.-''' as if Fn and scroll lock key on my old lappy wasn’t troublesome enough... i really love my mac though. the worst thing abt it is that Nexon didn’t make maple for macs. sighz. that was the only thing that stopped me from getting a mac last time, and still is the only reason why my mac isnt perfect... and it’s the only reason why i installed dual boot + xp and the only reason why i log in to xp.

ok... enough of this... its really late and i still have to reboot to xp and do the attendance taking. ciao!

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