Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New semester, time table, and more

ok, i shall start with the more serious stuff 1st. this sem we get to pick 4 core electives out of 8... unfortunately for me, some irritating person seems to have taken the exact same 4 modules as me... *shudders*

i still have 2 electives un-cleared. one in AHSS and one in biz. all but 1 of the biz modules clash... and i decided not to take that weird looking module, so i'm left with 1 biz that i MUST clear next sem. got my 3rd choice - coping with cultural transitions for the AHSS one... went for the 1st lecture, seems quite a fun module/topic to learn, tho the lessons can get a bit boring... i guess its partly of the nature of the module... the kind of u-know-it-but-nvr-realised-it kinda thing. but it discusses the difference btw cultures and all... fits into my exploration into the japanese culture (all the HMJ classes i took previously, tho i still suck oh so badly at it) + language explorations (HMJ + the tech speaking module) pretty well. so yeah, decided to stick with it... plus with all the japanese shows that i'm watching right now... i think it'll be quite an interesting module... at least the lecture mat. will be interesting :P i dont forsee myself listening properly to the lecture much. think i already mentioned abt my classes clashing with japanese class this sem somewhere earlier.

so here's the subs i'm taking

BS312 Protein Folding and Biomolecular NMR
BS313 Functional Genomics and Proteomics
BS314 Pharmacology
BS412 Drug Discovery & Development, Biotechnology
BS4202 Human Resource Management

copied n pasted from diff places hence the caps and all. the HRM thingy... is a core... else i wld nvr have taken it... its once again a pretty crappy module...

less modules than last sem... alot less... 19 AUs only i believe... previously i had like 26 and 23 or smthing...

CNY is coming... relatives coming over on the eve of CNY for reunion bbq dinner. luckily cos they came ard xmas/new year and the house was cleaned once already, there isnt much work (comparatively) to do now. for one, the only place that i need to pack in my room is my table. and the mirrors and glass panels/windows etc all seems pretty alright, dont think there's a need to clean them again XD *phew*

been bringing n using my lappy in quite a few lects already. not too bad... i dont exactly not pay attention becos of the lappy, since the same can happen with my phone, but it doesnt quite prevent me from falling asleep either... -.-''' oh wells. but now its like... i'm not sure if i shd print out my notes or not and such...

bought quite some bit of stuff on fri n sat. fri my family ate at my sch can 1, and then we trooped over to can 2 for frozen yogurt... and than after which we went for a walk in nanyang supermart. didnt have anything in particular to buy... than my dad took a can of beer... than my sis wanted some biscuits... than... than... we ended up buying LOADS of stuff. in that small... minimart. (the name is nanyang supermart if my memory doesnt fail me, but its quite small tho the variety of goods sold there is quite amazing)

saw this nice mug... black with gold words, looks really nice. they had a white in blue words version which looked just plain UGLY. since my parents were paying... XD

my 'collection' of mugs:

went to velocty during the weekend as well and got a wrist wallet... doesnt work as well as expected cos my itoy is kinda huge, sticks out as a rather huge lump... but the thing looks quite nice tho, esp if i wear it when its empty -.-'''

the abv content was typed on like 30th of jan... didnt get to finish the post... and things dragged on cos of CNY... and great... here i am attempting to complete the post more than a whole week later -.-''' i cant even rem where i posted till... -.-'''

ah yes... the wrist pouch picture...

started using it to put my ez-link card... yes i wear the thing to sch... not too bad but i realised that tho it looks nicer to put the card on the underside of my wrist, it gets hot and scratchy so today i put the card on the top... ok lah... not really say more convenient, since i still put my wallent in my jeans pocket... maybe i shd try putting my condo card in the pouch too and dump my wallet in my bag... only thing is that i gotta rem to bring my ntu card out if i need it... but from my time table this sem i might not be going to the resource room much. i'm digressing... gotta add on a final thing that my beloved pantry is under renovation now. not sure wat they are trying to do to it. supposed to be done at the end of the month. oh wells.

new... pencil case... got from OG like... before sch start. forgot if it was end of last year or start of this year... still haven use yet

haiz... got alot of random pics to post... maybe will post a picture special from my itoy again when i get bored.

this sem... interesting courses but not easy... gonna work hard i promise!

on the maple side of things... haven mapled since like dec last year if i nvr rem wrongly... busy + no interest + all busy spamming cubes which i have neither the $$$ nor mesos for so yeah... waiting bbp, haven trained in ages... still waiting n waiting... maybe by the time it comes i may lose interest? idk... wanna switch over to xp to maple... shd go now or smthing... wanna get that valentines 30 day cape just for the lols of it...

the problem is that its so troublesome to switch from xp to mac and stuff... in sch now i dont even bother printing my notes anymore. mac all the way during lect. batt can last up to 4.5hrs there abt... my longest time is 4 hours tut + lect on mon non stop... so the batt still can tahan. that's the really great thing abt mac. i dont even both bringing the charger to sch on such days cos there's no power point anyway.

gd and bad things abt mac lah.... its not the perfect... godly computer as many mac advocates make it out to be. there are some features that i prefer the old windows xp/vista (not windows 7!) style like the multiple tabs in the task bar. note that i DO NOT group any of my windows. ever. why i prefer that? granted there are such like tabs on browsers which i used ALOT of. like there's more than 10 tabs open on the current firefox window, but i like to use different windows for different things too. like 1 firefox window for sch work, 1 for facebook (mousehunt and such just to sound the horn, i dont go ka poh and see other ppl's news feed or photos), 1 for AS forums, 1 for HS if i'm working on it... so that things dont get too messy. the old windows style makes it easy for you to switch btw all these windows of the same application. in mac, you have to waste 1 extra step picking btw the windows u opened in the same application. now very convenient when u open up alot of windows tho i am already becoming very used to the mac system (haven been on xp for so long after all... the most irritating part abt switching is that i use web browser shortcuts alot, and on mac the command key is used, but on xp, its the control key). so yeah, gotta switch btw mac n xp... on xp i cant even listen to any songs cos i cant access my mac hard disk haiz...

ok lah... getting kinda eager to maple for some unknown reason... with that said i shall go on xp... but before i go... since i was bored just now, went to search some ASCII pics and found this:

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