Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jokers will be Jokers... and MSEA is full of them?

Jokers will be Jokers. We are forever receiving SPAM from the FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS Form in the site... As you should know by now, hidden-street is in no way related to Nexon or AsiaSoft. We are not the developers, we do not work at AsiaSoft, we are not in game GMs, we are not UserGMs, we are not even the AsiaSoft Forum moderators. No matter how many times this was repeated in the annoucements, some idiots still cant get this into their head. Here's a small sample of what those jokers keep sending us... (from HS-SEA forms only... i wonder if those visitng the GMS sites keep sending similar stuff too? or maybe they are smarter?)

the newest one i got:
it's about hackshield : update error (0x3000FFFF). what is the problem with my maplestory game. hope to get asap respond thanks

i sent back a standard, we are not GMs message within 2 mins. fast enough for him i hope?

This one is quite epic:
I have an account in which my email,, got hacked. I accidentally reset the password and couldn't retrieve my account, yet being still able to login to the maple ID. Is it possible to change my email to My username is XXX. password is XXX. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me recover my account since i have a few characters which i would like to further level them, namely priest and a hunter.

a joke or real? idk... his username and password was quite funny. idk if it was the real username n passwords. i cant be bothered to try.

i was freaking irritated with this guy. he sent like a series of forms that went like:
1) cannot login in (oh he sent this THREE times)
2) me have to do wat now??????????????
3) can i have lv50 dual blade ???????????????
4) can not login in
5) pls can fasted me wan go gahca pls!!!!!! me wan login in
6) can no login in

not sure if he sent even more earlier...

ppl complain to us abt their accts getting hacked and stuff...
my account has been hack and all my items has loss, what should i do.
what can you people help me to get back all my loss. thx..

tell you want u shd do: give us ur userid and passwords to maple and ur email... and give us ur parent's credit card details too... we will help to hack u. sheesh. honestly even AS or Nexon wont bother abt such 'i got hacked' emails.

Let me repeat ourselves:

We are NOT the GameMasters, we are NOT from AsiaSoft or Nexon, the form is for you to tell us anything wrong on the site, NOT anything wrong with maple or your maple account!

peace out. (btw, if u dont get it, i was joking abt sending us ur passwords n credit card details. You are however most welcomed to donate to from the 'Donate' button on the left side of every page)

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