Monday, June 27, 2011

Another day in maple

Another day in maple, or rather outside it. Early yesterday morning at like 3:30am i went to get my last batch of 220 cakes from grendal, and of cos the pretty anniversary chairs. No SSes cos im not posting from my comp haha.

Tried to maple yest afternoon but the lag was horrid. I gave up in favor of doing something else more productive. Guess im stuck with getting a beach shoe on my wh. Dont have the motivation n time to get another 1k odd points... Will only be able to get one beach chair from my hero. Oh wells. Still gotta train my lvl 55 BAM to 70 for the ring before mech comes out. Sch restarts tmr for pri to jc peeps so hopefully the laggy situation will be no more yay!

Ok... In some non maple related news i shall post some pics of this iphone game i play on n off - megu kawaii pets. The drawings are really really cute tho there isnt much to do in the game. They recently had an update that included more evolutions n an increased lvl cap. The game is free so go give it a try if you too find the drawings cute.

Feeding my newly evolved pet...

Take ur pet out for a walk... I think its only available when ur pet reaches a certain lvl?

You can pet ur pet

The start up screen...

The evolution chart... Many different breeds to discover!

Some evolutions only happen under certain conditions (hence the special evolutions)

I still have tons of breeds that i've not discovered.

When i started playing the game it was only partially translated. Now its fully translated (from japanese to english) already. Not sure if the english support is any better now... But you basically have to feed and clean ur pet regularly. To make it evolve however, you must charge up ur pet to full power by literally charging ur phone when the app is running. U just need to plug it it, once it registers u can plug out ur phone... The pet will evolve when it reaches 99 charge and other secret conditions (if any, for special evolutions only) are met. It can only gain 20 charge a day so be patient.

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