Monday, November 12, 2012

14th Nov!

Not been active on maple much. As you can see from this blog… i've got nothing much to say. I did log in to maple the other day, and also re-dl the whole maple program, so my wizen file is now 3gb large. HALF the 6gb is got to previously. For a 40GB large XP partition, 3 GB is almost 10% of the space (not to forgot that XP itself takes up space!).

Waiting for phantom to arrive, i think it'll be fun. Unless they increase the max number of slot though (which i really hope they would), I'd need to delete one char before i can make my phantom :(. Max 15 slots reached already T.T. I'll have to xfer like my recipes over or something. No space!!!!! T.T

Anyway I heard enchanted forest rose rewards got nerved back to the old one again, though they did add in the jackpot spin thing… i wanted to try it the other day, but halfway through protect the merlion, my maple hanged -.-'''… and so yeah… i gave up :P

So random SSes though… yeah. Just cos i've nothing better to post or say.

MapleStory 2012 11 11 00 59 14 67The justice shop and part-time job reward NPC in quick move menu...

MapleStory 2012 11 11 01 30 53 74New character selection page. Pretty, but I'm not used to it yet (not surprising tho since i've hardly logged in). Takes me a while to find my chars. Also the part time job thing, max a job can last is like 6 hours. For ppl like me with so many chars, just send those chars you won't be logging in to work (though i keep forgetting). Once you start the job, you cannot log in unless you cancel the job. I tried to cancel the job right away once and realised that you have to wait an hour before you can restart the job. Not a problem with my 15 chars though… :X Also for ppl like me with so many chars, they helpfully put a gift box on top of the char's head to remind you to log in and collect your part time job reward from the npc. Helpful cos i can't even rem which storage char i sent to work :X. I wish they had a 'return to char selection screen' thing though. To just collect 3 part time job rewards you have to log in 3 times! Very troublesome leh! Need to type the capcha some more T.T

Oh right. I only have this 2 SSes. Eh? I tot i tok one halfway during merlion? bleah. whatever. not like its very interesting anyway ><

Ks… that's all for now… nothing much to say :P

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