Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phantom oh phantom

Honestly its been ages since i was THIS excited about maple. Yeah though i'm super excited right now... i didnt log on to maple immediately after patch was done this afternoon. Was busy with stuffs... then when i finally logged in to xp, i realised they took the server down for check... then came exercising, cooking, and dinner... after dinner was washing the dishes... then dad called me to help with his poster design thing. which took like almost till 1am (and is far from done, but its enough for today). So now? I have to clear a storage char to delete to make way for phantom. And since i have like 20-30 use items, and 20-30 etc items, and some eq to xfer... i'm xfering maple to my mum's comp else i'd never get the transfer done.

Gotta clear my own thumbdrive... its full with the DOTA, chinese paladin, and zoo tycoon2 files. All of which are my only copy... so yeah, ended up having to get my sis's thumbdrive, irritating her in the process. Waiting for the wizet folder to copy over to the thumbdrive now.

In the mean time... i shall think about my new phantom's IGN. Chem... Chem what? Meh. Want it to sound stealthy and thieve like...

Saw the guide for phantom. Love it... only in 3rd job you leave 1 skill at lvl 11. the rest all can max (well short of 1 sp in 4th job, but it'll be a miracle if i can even get to 13x). Basically. This means that i'll just read the skill description and add as i like. No need for skill guides. Love it :)

I'll leave you with the new channel/world selection screen since i have no other SS to share...till i finally get to make my phantom that is...

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