Sunday, November 25, 2012


Todays cwkpq was… first, spons went mia. So i had to do the log in to fm on one computer to look for spons while the other is doing the pq thing again. At least this time it didn’t  take TOO long to get all the members. One of the members who promised to come went mia tho -.- So yeah… i ended up botting my evan again. And mech. And NW. I went to check and found that i actually did have the keystone on my NW. Oh i said that in the previous post didn’t i? So yeah. I realised that Phantom doesn’t count as a their for CWKPQ. So i had to bot with my nw -.-. I tried jumping my bam up on my mum's lappy. I couldn’t even get to the jq part. I really can't use her lappy. The keyboard sucks! Esp the enter key… its literally dying. The rest of the keys aren't too much better either -.-'''

2nd round too super long to start. Cos one of the spons couldn’t do the jq properly and took like 30 or 40mins to jump up. Next time if spons go mia, i think i won't even want to bother looking for replacement spons anymore. And those spons found in the FM. Super high rate of them going MIA lah. So zzzz! Or those not mia de, they just buy service earlier and didn’t even bother to pm to say they bought liao. Sianz sia.

In the end my NW got a MoN. 2 MoNs actually, cos 1 phantom happily want to whack but end up tio DC by gm for hacking. LOL. Phantom also got bugged skill that will trigger the hacking message? That guy say he'll come on thurs tho. Good no need refund him $ :P. Else $ wasted in the tax also… He trade me 30m, i only receive 28.5m I give him back 28.5m, idk how much he'll end up getting.

MapleStory 2012 11 24 21 44 16 22Oh yes… i was always wondering… cos at 1st some ppl said after getting the mark of heroism you don't die when touching pillar. Yeah right. Was guiding two spons up the mountain before the batch and i died after kissing pillar. I love being lvl 200. Die as you wish. Lol.

MapleStory 2012 11 24 22 42 57 69I'm pleased to say that today I didn’t die in the boss run. Mx died again tho… heng ish boss stage then die. Well actually, he didn’t even do stage 3… well ok, i didn’t do either, flame n law n rep were doing it. But i was collecting $$$ mah… 

MapleStory 2012 11 25 00 30 51 69MapleStory 2012 11 25 00 35 37 58

Went to play phantom a bit after that… lvled once. Oh i finally took out my crit ring fro storage and gave it to my phantom. like 75% crit now. saw a 19k for a single hit of blason - with combo, lune and dark clarity. Not bad sia… i think it shd constant 1hko at slimy with dark clarity le. Always almost kill when i had heal on the 2nd job skill slot. If the card throwing thing activates then it'll be 1hko… and it does activate quite often with blason and 75% crit rate. Hmm will be 95% crit rate with SE… not bad. 

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