Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Phantom and a hell ride.

Hmmm where was i the last time round? Ah yes… my phantom. I did leave him at lvl 63 the other day after all… plenty of SSes from my phantom coming up. And the hell ride? After i spam all the y SSes from my phantom i guess.

MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 40 36 62

Ah yes this… from the hot time event… nice little facial expressions...

MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 40 37 83MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 40 42 73

Yes the aurora ring too, from the hot time event.

MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 40 49 29MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 40 51 50MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 41 08 73MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 41 12 61MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 50 38 08So back to training at gs2 and lvling up… i realised (a bit slow, i know) that standing on the 6th platform can also hit the mobs on both lanes.

MapleStory 2012 11 18 00 07 38 16MapleStory 2012 11 18 00 27 34 44MapleStory 2012 11 18 01 24 55 70MapleStory 2012 11 18 01 45 55 44MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 24 28 84MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 24 48 48Finally! the self service job advancement… 

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 24 56 31MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 25 02 97MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 25 06 72You have to make your own way to the place… but luckily you have to flying ship to send you to ariant in 3 minutes!

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 01 97MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 13 02MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 18 20MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 23 36MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 26 27MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 32 30MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 38 66Apparently some dust dwarfs have invaded ur safe...

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 44 00MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 46 87MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 32 54 16Just kill them and be on your way!

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 22 72MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 25 44MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 28 56MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 31 08MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 43 64MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 54 75MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 33 59 27Woots that… A LOT of talk :X

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 35 17 64Then you're finally a 3rd job!

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 35 20 61MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 36 03 12MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 39 00 06MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 42 42 52I tried my new attacking skill - rapier wit on some mobs… 

MapleStory 2012 11 18 02 53 04 16i tried to kill the security camera… but gave up. damage too low, mob hp too high :X

MapleStory 2012 11 21 23 55 27 92MapleStory 2012 11 22 00 28 38 68Back to training at gs2… 

MapleStory 2012 11 22 00 36 23 92Ah yes, new skill! Blason i don't like this attack so much tho, cos it’s a short range skill… you don't have enough sp to max it anyway… you'll only leave it at 11. Still, the power is much higher then calling card, so as reluctant as i was, i eventually replaced the calling card key with blazon… at about lvl 8x i think? when i no longer had accuracy problems killing the gs mobs. Before that i prefer to use calling card to lure the mobs. However as my accuracy got higher, 3 heals was enough to kill the mobs plus i missed less, so i can kill the mobs within like… 4 or 5 hits… and then luring became a waste of time… it was faster to just kill the mobs on the spot then.

MapleStory 2012 11 22 01 25 55 01HS is a wonder. This idiot didn’t realise that you only need to steal a skill once. Even if you impeccable memory skill is not maxed yet… as long as the target you stole the skill from has maxed their skill already, the stolen skill's lvl will also increase as you max the impeccable memory skill.

MapleStory 2012 11 22 01 34 36 90HS uses up a healthy chunk of MP though...

MapleStory 2012 11 22 03 34 01 59it was like… super late at night (3am? or even later) when i passed by mp3 and found it… empty! COOL! Lvled up like no tmr there… super fast lvling. 

MapleStory 2012 11 22 03 44 11 32MapleStory 2012 11 22 03 53 43 96MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 17 00 68

went to sleep after hitting lvl 85… so some other day, its back to gs2 to train :(

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 25 41 98I got bored tho, and decided to whack capt lantanica… no hs? nah… combo 1st, change to hs before down :)

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 25 47 48MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 25 56 76blason is a strong attack but… range too small leh!

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 26 46 76MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 27 15 49i didn’t know the boss hits how much, so i turned on MG for safety purposes. Turns on he hits like high 700s to 8xx nia. I'd rather not on mg… see the mp bar keep go down like that haha… or I'd rather on meso guard… 

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 27 21 60yay! from 38% to 72%! 34% exp? Pretty nice IMO. Of cos, don't forget to on ur hs.

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 28 31 98and finishing the quest gave me another 10%. not bad.

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 36 01 07MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 54 15 34I like hunting at gs6. u just stand at the top to heal both top and bot lane mobs. Of cos if u want to like… check ur phone while training, w/o having to worry about dying if u accidentally got too caught up with ur phone and forgot to pot MP in time (and u don't wanna buy a pet), you can stand on the 6th step. Any other step and u'd get hit by the mobs.

MapleStory 2012 11 23 00 59 34 78yay, lvled while bossing this time

MapleStory 2012 11 23 01 03 33 87Oh… so the new enchanted forest thing system. sighs. 40k rose for a spin. But with the reduced rose rate… i'll nor get 40k rose. totally give up on this liao… only go there to turn in the stones and the sand when i collect a 100 of each.

MapleStory 2012 11 23 01 20 07 76rjpq time! great for lvling as always. esp with the self supplied HS XD i was doing 1 lvl per round, and we only camped till 8mins.

MapleStory 2012 11 23 01 35 16 70MapleStory 2012 11 23 02 11 54 59i went opq also… 

MapleStory 2012 11 23 02 12 18 35all 3 pt members lvled up in the same round haha

MapleStory 2012 11 23 02 29 11 04MapleStory 2012 11 23 02 50 55 93MapleStory 2012 11 23 03 10 59 07


Yay so that's all the happy phantom SSes that i have.

Sighz. The hell ride? It’s the cwkpq batch. Really terrible now. Batch members all mia. Some explain that they have exams, go on holiday etc… yup that's fine. But the rest? Just MIA w/o a word! And well… 

Last sat… i wasn’t paying enough attention… or more like… i was just going to type to ask the members to rush the boss out. Then… 1,1 and u know the rest. The great thing about being lvl 200 is that i can die as i like. The only consequence being the missed out bonus round… but anyway… 1 spins was really cute...

MapleStory 2012 11 17 23 00 16 58he gave me a pig head offering! XD i bet he also took the opportunity to take a million SSes. Haha. i made a note to be more careful next time… but then i died again the other day when trying to type - to tell the spons that the mon in the middle is ready for collection. Not i suck ok! I was typing! bleah. Next time i'll have to move away to type. i really miss my achilles sia. Maybe i shd go do the keystone quest on my pala. but i need to mine the gold ores 1st… f3. then i also have to care about which charge to use. dang. Like now cwk boss time i just pin the bosses one side and anyhow whack. My damage not that great anyway. I have to care more about stuff like neck order (sometimes i switch entirely to fb page to check, it’s a wonder i didn’t die more) and such… but now like… they kill too fast and we always end up with one whole pile of 3 necks at the corner -.-''' heng so far no mishaps. I shan't say more and give ppl ideas. f3.

So yeah… cos now phantom and everyone's excited… there's a lot of spons available. So what do i do? I make more batches, to make more money. So i tried on wedn to do a weekday batch, with just 1 regular batch member and the rest being my guild ppl. End up no one bring a warrior to bot AND everyone was like super reluctant to relog (cos of the 30mins justice coin thing zzzzzz!) to bring a warrior. Like wtf? Someone just bring a warrior? I org and already booting 2 chars on top of bring my hero in? Like someone please move? In the end jp brought a warrior up. So yeah. Wedn start late. Then since so many spons, we decided to org on thurs also. But then cos none of us had gone to cwkpq so often, we didn’t know the timer resets every 24hrs rather than at 12mn. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz. We had to wait till like 11pm to start. On top of that some spons MIA so me and ivy had to go fm and find spons. One spons for the 2nd batch even left while we were doing the 1st round, so i used my mum's comp to look for someone to fill up the gap… then 2nd batch 3rd stage? Our only pirate died and tot it was like arka can re-enter pq. Of cos it wasn’t. He left the pq area and we gg liao loh. And we had a BS in the batch some more zzzzzzz. Like totally… Needless to say the spons were pissed. All i can say is… heng we found those spons in fm de. Else they come kpkb in forum thread will be even more zzz. 

And so… batch later. I hope we can start on time. Very sian organising this thing. Ppl withdraw last min, or worst still mia… or like suddenly want more slots but we full long ago liao. Yeah… cos of phantom + hols bah. So many ppl want slot… not just a lot of ppl buying, they also want a lot of slots at once. Like 2, 3 or even 4 slots at one go. So yeah, still organising weekday batches on Tuesday and Thursday. And still finding batch members for those days… I need at least 5 batch members per run… each person do one job. Well i DO have a bam and a nw to enter the pq for now… but I'd rather not. my mum's lappy de keyboard is like shyt! Cannot press the keys properly one loh! Makes me so tempted to install xp on my dad's macbook pro as well just so that i can maple. Plus the key config and all will be what I'm already used to. sighs. The thing is all my chars are on the same acct tho. My nw and bam not only have pathetic damage, they are only 9x. And they have pathetic damage. 3k range on my nw for e.g.? I think cos all my eqs aren't there… i think even my old wgg is on some other char. still… it won't be much of a help. Amazing this is that i actually did the keystone quest on my nw. I'm amazed myself lol. Hmm if that's the case maybe i did it on my SM too? o.o maybe i shd check it out… since pala haven do i need jump up… very mafan and slow. Of cos… MIA spons is frustrating.. but MIA members? That's even worst. Every week I'm just struggling to find members. Its like now i really give up liao. Just org, go there then see lack simi, i bring n bot. For Tuesday and Thursday… think i'll need to log in even earlier on my pala and shout to who who in my alliance want to help and make a bit of $...

haiz two more weeks till the old org back. I just asked her to give me forum access. I want to change the stuff in the thread sia… and since this service has been around for ages, I'd rather not make a new thread. 


Haiz. Ok lah… time to post this (slowly wait for the pics to upload!) so that i can reboot my comp for the cwkpq later. *crosses fingers* i hope it goes smoothly sia.

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