Sunday, October 28, 2012


Been so long since i last posted here...

Well mainly cos its been that long since i last maple or trickstered.

Yes, so i went cygnus last night! Since maple closed and re-opened cygnus… that place is now FFA and has no time table anymore. So my guild has decided to move cygnus to like 12am on sat/sun! Well we missed one round yesterday, but ant managed to grab in the second time (amazing if you'd ask me) and we entered around… 1:30am or so. An infinite times better than 4am if you'd ask me.

So that marks the 2nd time i entered cygnus! Commander ant dc-ed halfway and since we were all rusty we didn’t down queen… More like… they were rusty, i was just plain clueless. Not completely clueless since i did go once before… but that was MONTHS ago plus at the ungodly hour of 4am so yeah, my memory of that learning session is very very vague now. Still kinda clueless on what to do and all, and yesterday the reflect timing for the SM instructor wasn’t done properly and i died twice T.T also while i was guarding the boss in one corner my luck almost ran out with a series of attacking coming though with the boss (no guard/blocking activation T.T) and i pathetically ending up running to the other side trying to save my skin with just 2k hp left after using both the pot plus the hp recovery skill :X

Also really wish this pala  had the hp of my hero. 34k w/o hb and 50+k with hb will be absolutely awesome. my noob 22k hp was barely enough to rush the SM instructor properly when the dk died and hb ran out. And well of cos i was noob and had practically no experience and that just made it a lot worst. Wouldn’t have died though if we got the reflect timing right… but 3 weeks w/o cygnus and it seems like they were rusty. Plus the loss of commander ant haha… that's probably the worst part. Glad my comp can tank cyg at least. Even tho it failed me time and again in cht. Also pathetic was the fact that i've not used my pala in months… since recently i've only been logging in for cwk with my hero, i got used to the hero keys and kept pressing my stance button on hero… Stance and MM are the major difference between the keyboard shortcuts for my chars so i kept mixing that up last night -.-''' ansi kept wishing for MM. Which i obviously did not have. And i forgot to threaten the SM boss at the start meh. Fail i know T.T

Still, i think i've gotten just a little bit more experienced with cygnus… hopefully the next run will be better!

Was quite a chaotic night for me yest… had to scramble to delete apps and stuff just so that i can patch maple. Somehow maple expanded to take up almost 6gb of space again sighs. No more dota and zoo tycoon 2 on my xp. No more open office as well. Now left with just 2+gb of space. Bad bad bad. Really nothing much left for me to delete either… At this rate I'd never be able to play the chinese paladin game my friend lent me. sighs.

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1 reflect to kill them all! Hey at least it shows that i wasn’t slacking ok! i was hitting the boss! Oh wells. Net loss of 1.1% exp. Ok lah… now like lazy to train in maple also…  and what, phantom and zen warrior coming right? I think i shan't bother with zen warrior on my main account. Gotta clear up a character slot for phantom though :X 

Also since i've not logged in for so long,  the water of life i bought long ago during the offer persil expired T.T now i gotta top up acash to revive my pet since i've not bothered to log in xp to go enchanted forest for maple points either… but then since I'm not mapling now, i don't need a pet either. Don't need one for cwk, and don't need one for cyg either with the pot cd. Oh wells. I guess i shall just leave my alien as a doll for now. Hmm i wonder when my wheels expire :X bought 5 wheels that time and still have 5 left… wonder if I'd get to use them before they expire… though honestly I'd rather not :P at least i have 1.5k maple points to buy 2 wheel :P


K that's all for now! Ciao!

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