Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bloons TD 5 -iOS!

So… after like what? 18 months in the making? It finally came out! Yes, Bloons TD 5 for the iPhone! 

Yup… i was so excited i bought it the moment i saw the email. There just isn't a reason to wait when it comes to Bloons TD series. It just keeps getting better and better. Yes, I think its totally worth the 3USD.

Been playing it a lot since i got it like… 2 weeks ago? Unlocked all the upgrade already, now working to complete more maps and missions to slowly save up monkey money for the speciality buildings...

Well as usual… I'll do the spam screen shots, and maybe comment a bit thing.

IMG 2745And so, a new profile begins, and its time to rank up and unlock all the upgrades once more!

IMG 2746IMG 2747its easy to rank up at the beginning...

IMG 2748IMG 2749IMG 2751like in the online game, when you play the game for the 1st time, they'll introduce you to all the new balloons and stuff...

IMG 2752so… bronze medal for completing on easy, monkey money, and a token. Wait? A token? What's that? Well i'll explain in a while...

IMG 2753meh, i wanted to take a SS of the loading screen, but i was too slow. Its had the words BTD5 in wood and it looks really really elegant.

IMG 2754Hoho… what's this? It’s the heli pilot! A tower exclusive to BTD5iOS! 

IMG 2755The heli pilot in game! Basically when you put it down, you are only putting down a heli landing pad. The heli is free to fly any where on the map. It was a few flying modes. Touch - where it'll fly wherever you touch. Lock in place. Patrol - move between two points. And the last mode - pursuit. It’s a tier two upgrade on the top (aka left) path. Yes top, since here in the portable btd5, the upgrade panel slides out from either the left or the right side of the screen, depending on where your tower is located. A better use of screen space rather then squeezing it all at the bottom i guess… Pursuit mode is good, it'll follow the first bloon around the track. Which is much better then touch mode cos… here like in btd5o (online), you have to tap the bananas to collect them. Which means that the heli pilot would fly to where your banana farm is… the banana farm is also kind of problematic if you intend to use that and the darting gun… :X

IMG 2756upgrade heli is black in colour :)

IMG 2760250 missions for you to complete...

IMG 2761the menu where you look at the special agents and other stuff… the golden monkey on the left side is the play option… but when you are looking at the other buildings, bloons will appear at the bottom right of the screen so you don't have to scroll all the way back to start the game. Love all the attention they paid to such details. They definitely built a great interface. They said the game was built from bottom up. Everything was done specifically for the iPhone (a HD version coming out soon? or is it out yet? for the iPad. An android version coming too). I can tell that a lot of thought went into making things work and look great just for the phone. It wasn’t like a simple port over from the online game. No… they redid the entire thing here… even the maps were redrawn so there are some subtle differences between otherwise identical looking maps. 

IMG 2762IMG 2763Yup, a BTD5iOS specific special agent! Radadactyl! I've not tried it yet though… :X saving up my monkey money for the buildings 1st...

IMG 2765There's also the store… where things cost real money. The super combo pack costs $18.98 SGD and gives you healthy bananas, bigger beacons, max rank towers, 30 tokens, 20 monkey storms, and 500 monkey money. Unlike in btd4, where you can unlock all the double money and stuff for free, this time round there's in app purchases for perks like double money. Healthy bananas and bigger beacons for 99cents USD each, but double cash mode costs almost 13 SGD. Yeah i love the game, i love ninja kiwi - i paid for double money in btd4 in kong, and bought ALL the extra upgrades in btd5o, and paid for btd5d too… but i think I'm gonna pass on the double cash mode for now. A bit too expensive for me right now. But i think its also good… the challenge and all… playing with double money has made me really slack. Like i can just do anything and w/o banana farms cos i have enough money. Too much money in fact. Things are a lot more challenging (and fun, frustrating maybe, but challenging is good) w/o double money. And yes… although i do find it a bit pricy, i fully understand that these guys have to make a living and need to get paid. PLUS it’s a really good app they made… and its not like you need the double money upgrade to play (only for wusses and slackers like me?) so yeah… i guess i can't complain.

IMG 2766Buildings! yeah, they are here in the portable version as well… and i noticed some stuff that used to cost real $$$ (or at least nk currency) to unlock at now tier 4 building upgrade skills. Like the boomerang monkeys throwing 2 booms at once. Or like the wizard's tornadoes splitting into 3… and there's totally new abilities in the 4th tier upgrades too. LIke motars being able to aim and shoot like a regular tower anyone? man that sounds really cool. I gotta farm more monkey money!

IMG 2769New thing: Monkey lab!IMG 2767Increase piping power anyone? That costs 2 tokens for the 1st popping power upgrade. Yeah! SO that's what tokens are used for! There's other upgrades like increase starting monkey money, increasing your total no. of lives etc...

IMG 2768There's no more monkey tycoon now. Instead, there's a sell price upgrade in the labs that lets you sell off the towers at 95% of the purchase cost - when the skill is at max level that is.

IMG 2770Oh the daily free monkey money chest is there, just like in the online n deluxe versions.

IMG 2771Maps! there's a couple of new maps exclusive to the portable version...

IMG 2772IMG 2773(Oh yes, i love the details they put into things, like how the medals swing when you swipe from map to map)

IMG 2774Old map, new life. Switch pipes are purple instead of the metallic grey...

IMG 2775IMG 2776IMG 2777IMG 2778IMG 2779In the gameplay area, agents and abilities at called out from the star on the bottom right. i wish the abilities were just show outside tho… it makes it harder to use the abilities imo :( but then again, if you stuff too many buttons outside, u end up with less space to place towers so… ><

IMG 2780Tower called out from the button on the bottom left.

IMG 2781IMG 2782One of the complains i had about btd5o was the inability to check out the tower index during the game. Here in the portable, the question mark when the tower placing menus is out allows you to check out the tower index when playing a game. Great when you forgot which patch leads to which upgrade, or at the beginning when you want to check which tower to use so that you can get more tower exp to unlock the next tower upgrade.

IMG 2783When the tower is selected, the question mark button will show you the otherwise hidden description of each upgrade. A great way to make use of the space (or lack thereof) imo.

IMG 2785IMG 2787IMG 2788

An easy way to complete the moab madness mission when you don't have a very high rank yet - spam all the money on 2/4 tack shooters, and spam the ability. Easy $150. That mission is great for levelling up too. You need to unlock the tack shooter's 4th tier upgrade though. 2 helis and a monkey village works too… but you need a 4/1 heli and it takes longer to unlock tier 4 heli upgrades.

Hmm yay… that's all the SSes i have now. In short… i love this game, its worth every cent of the 3 USD it asks for. If you love tower defence games, you really need to get this game. Bloons td is really THE BEST td game i've come across thus far. I strongly recommend you to check out this app :)


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