Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New forum and more...

Woots. its been so long since ei last got on my mac and used mar edit to actually blog… but /heh, that's another matter.


Decided to be a little hardworking and update my training grounds threads a LITTLE bit. Was looking for the chart with the exp and drop rate reduction and lo and behold… after like 5 mins of googling i realised that MY OWN BLOG had a copy of the patch notes and the chart. -.-''' sighs.


Anyways… haven been mapling for a long time… been on trickster quite some bit before i got bored too and stopped for a few days...


Anywayzzzzzz… what i wanted to talk about in this post is… some more stuff abt the new forums.

Ok, here's a random, point form style shout out on what i feel about the new forums. In absolutely no order of importance...

1) The new forums is laggy. Yup, still lags, and lag = sucks. Not like SUPER DEPER laggy kind, but laggy enough to get people irritated.

2) There's a new twitter button when using the full editor


You type in ur twitter userid in the box...


and it auto inserts the code for you like this


and the end result?


it auto links the text to your twitter profile!


cool, nifty…. but like… when will i ever use it???? like never? o.o


3) [youtube] [/youtube] codes that we used in the old forums no longer works. instead, the new code is [media] [/media]. Also, instead of the ending youtube video code that you paste in the middle, now you have to paste the entire link.

I thought that the change meant that video embedding from other sites would be supported now… but a test with links from youku and tuduo shows that… i was wrong -.-''' zzzzzzzzzzzz


4) Announcements are on every forum as was before, and there is a nice divider between the announcements and pinned threads...


BUT nothing between the pinned and unpinned threads. -.-'''


Only difference? that small green pinned word at the beginning. Hard to tell apart really...

I know a lot of forums do this…. but i don't like it :X

Hard to tell the pinned and unpinned threads apart… and most of the time the pinned threads are pretty dead and i just wanna zoom to the unpinned and alive threads...


5) Limit of 10 pictures per post…… For a while. like last week or last last week when i tried to update the hero's lounge, i realised that some pics were just not showing and only the 1st 10 pics of each post would be shown. Today however, i realised that all my pics in the training grounds guide were fine. A quick test confirmed that the 10 pictures per post limit has been removed… i sure hope the limit aint coming back


6) the new forums is kinda dead...

yeah granted, i did go back to chat in the backyard… but generally its still rather… dead.

Seems like a lot of ppl don't like the new forums and aint visiting much if at all… the hero's lounge is like… almost dead now. Doesn’t help that flame's off to army today too :X


7) I'm still… a post king? :X

visiting the member's page and sorting by post count we have: 


previously there was some bug report bot account with close to 80k posts, but that's been properly removed from the member list now… making me 2nd place in the post counts :X

and the thing is i don't even know how come i have more posts then like most of the pcws in backyard. i did check out the backyard for a while last year, but before that i already had like most posts then almost everyone (besides c7 i guess). And all i did was chat in the lounge :X

I thought there would be loads of ppl from the original play park forums with loads of posts too but… i guess not… :X


8) my post per day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

used to be around the region of 15-16 posts per day, but now they remove all the 'inactive' posts when counting so… 


6.3 per day… -.-''

see 7k posts in the warriors hall… i not pcw in backyard ok!


8) new status updates thingy. just like Facebook.

Access it from your profile...



9) there used to be some member groups thingy with sub forums in each group… but all gone now


10) gone too are all those awards (ok, those where gone quite some time back too)


11) no more exciting forum titles like forum paladin. We can have custom user titles tho so I'm not complaining XD


12) To unlock forum features……..


All you have to do is "Like" our Playpark Facebook page!!

Hit 10K Likes and we will make the Custom Profile Picture feature available!
Q : What is Custom Profile Picture?
A : It's the picture which will be displayed on your User Profile, and in your friends' buddy lists.
Example : The Tree of 2 Seasons is Astrea's profile picture.

Hit 15K Likes and the Custom User Profile Background Image feature will be available!
Q : What is the Custom Background Image for?
A : It is the image/graphic which you can upload to be your User Profile Page's background image (click to view example)

Hit 25K Likes and we will release the Member-to-Member PM function!
Q : What is PM?
A : It's a Private Messaging system, where Forumites can have private conversations with other members (Word of Caution : Not so private, as Forum Admins will still be able to view all messages)

Hit 50K Likes and the Member-to-Member Email function will be made available!
Q : How does this work?
A : One can only email another member if that other person has allowed emails to be received.

100K Likes will give you the ability to view you repped/de-repped you on the forums.
This was suggested back at the old forums and we heard you!

And last but not least! Custom Avatar unlockable with 150K Likes!!
Q : What is the difference between Custom Profile Picture and Custom Avatar?
A : Avatars can be seen at the side of every forum post that you make, whereas your Profile Picture will only be shown on the User Profile Page.

So...What are we waiting for? Get busy and get clicking!! Remember to invite your friends and buddies to help you out too. Eventhough they may not be Forumites, but they can be a part of the Playpark Family too ^^

Bribery! They asked what features we wanted, hyped it all up… and now extort likes to give us those features zzzzzzzz. And its not like we can like it over and over again (like 1 like per day etc)… we can only like it once… how on earth do you expect us to hit 150k likes???? RIDICULOUS! I bet we don't even have that many active users! We are now at 9,287 likes… -.-''' I think we won't even get custom avatars zzz

Do go help out by clicking on the peekture and liking the page… f3


13) Archive!

Loads of thread (those w/o any new post this year) have been archived… including my old training ground thread.

However, searching through the archive just now, i realised that my very 1st training ground thread was gone. Hero's lounge? All gone too… -.-''' seems like a lot of the older threads were just deleted… there goes our years of lounge history T.T that's like 51 lounges GONE!!! FIFTY ONE! Gosh! T.T


14) No more rep boxes. On the profile page your rep description hits excellent once you get 50 reps too… kinda easy yeah? Now you can rep diff  posts by the same person, and you can rep 10 posts per day… so that makes it easier to get reps...


15) New notifications centre thingy.


by default it lets you know when someone quotes your post, or when those in your friends list update their status. You can change these in the settings in your user control panel...


Okays… i guess I'm done with the forums for now...


oh yes… last fri had cht. sad thing was i dced right as cht was summoned. I guess i really need to restart my lappy just b4 cht and not on any other programs… dunnoe if there'll be cht this fri… if there is i really hope i don't dc again :X

else it'll mean my comp cmi for cht and that'll make me really very sad indeed. haiz.

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