Monday, August 13, 2012

KoC Ark Down!

Yes. We finally did it last night with 4 SMs.... sad that i screwed up my sp allocation and dont have magic crash... that was really helpful tho in preventing reflect and giving us more time to down - we only downed the boss with 5 mins to spare. Quite a huge pot waster... i used like 15x milks while my GM used like 300 milks o.o. Dont ask me why there's such a huge pot usage difference... same job, same lvl, same boss, different pot usage :X

And yeah, we all died like countless number of times. I go more lucky in the sense that i tend to have potted before i got SD, so only died once in the entire run due to SD... rest of the deaths were due to 1,1s and snake poison attack, instant death, reflect... and a ton of other ways that i dont even know what's happening before i just tombed. I made a mistake of dying twice in a row due to reflect twice tho f3. 1st time reflect all didnt see and died, re-enter and i enthusiastically immediately cont attacking... and died again cos reflect is still up f3. Oh and panic is super useful. The boss does miss a bunch of attacks, esp during SD quite a lot of times the touch damage misses, saving u from death... well not that it costs anything to die tho but...

Its quite irritating if you die really really often and have to keep re-buffing, and charging up the 10 orbs.... in the case of SD its like you either die early and get back in and whack the boss, or you hope to survive the SD so that you dont have to recharge ur orbs... quite irritating when you die just before the SD ends...

Same for the jamming ur left and right arrow keys thing... i keep wondering if its faster to just die and come in, or the jam ur arrow keys... thing is that perhaps you have to take into acct the orb recharge time too... oh wells, not THAT much of a diff anyway. Note that you can pot even when you are 'stuck'.

 When u get turned into a snake move outta the way... u take 500 damage per tick, but ur teammates in the poison takes 5k

 i think SM has like the highest damage w/o funding...
 managed to get up to 10.4k damage and that's like... the limit of my eqs... with koc echo it adds 200 more... very helpful f3

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