Monday, August 6, 2012

Return of the Forces!

Big patch coming up tmr, from 7am to 4:30pm. End time subject to change of course...

I'd normally post highlights of the patch here, but this time round… its really quite hard to do so.


The patch notes is SO FREAKING LONG!


Basically our return of the forces patch is 3 union patches lumped all into one.


The mainstay of the patch is all the skill changes in the various classes… from adventurers to arans/evans and even KoCs.

A bunch of new events… and some party quest changes are also featured… together with the new boss Arkarium.

Ellin forest have also been revamped… with two mini boss added.


Since national day is coming, the msia and sg glasses event is back.

Also interesting is a 'Help Rescue the Miwok Boys!' event that gives out a belt with 2 wa and 3 slots, as well as chaos scrolls… SADLY, this aint no witch belt though, as the belts have expiry dates… unless u intend to keep buying hour glasses to extend the time? o.o


For me using XP and a comp with not too fantastic memory this effects changer option MIGHT help during bosses

▪ An option for controlling the skill graphics has been added. In the option menu, you can now control all skill effects in 4 stages.

Well i dc-ed two times from cht already… (more like maple hang, too much memory usage)… not sure if this will help? I sure hope it does though ><

Do check out the super long patch notes over here.


Also, a summary of the paladin and hero skill changes have been compiled by kehpaladin and myself.

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