Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Patching Maple now...

Ok... finally patching my maple now... even tho yesterday's patch ended early... i was doing other stuff on mac... and then watching olympics... too pre-occupied with other stuff to bother about maple.


So we all get SP resets, BUT you have to go all around town to get your SP resets.... zzzzzz

The chain quests sends you like... really all over the place (see here).

Not sure if i'll just do it on all my chars or wat... is there a time limit as to when we can do the quest???? o.o gotta find out. Have to check out all the skill changes too since i have like a million chars - need to see what to add after skill reset or if i even need a skill reset at all :X

Haiz. So troublesome... the idea of having to click on my skill a million times doesnt appeal to me :X

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