Monday, March 19, 2012

Zak JQ - Conquered!

As you might already know, i really really suck at jump quests… and because i so hate jump quests, so far i've only clear the zak jq ONCE on my hero… that is, until yesterday.

I'm pleased to say that i managed to complete the zak jq on my pala… and in about an hour… that's half the time i took on my hero…! glad to say that my jumping skills have really improved a lot from last time… i guess all the mini jumping from jqs and event quests really helped!

ok, time for some picture spam!

MapleStory 2012 03 18 19 02 27 70

1st stage cleared… took only 15-20 minutes.

MapleStory 2012 03 18 20 18 30 65

And after a much longer time, i cleared the 2nd stage. (even had a 30-40min break for dinner in between f3)

MapleStory 2012 03 18 20 18 38 73

MapleStory 2012 03 18 20 19 20 85

And that's the 6th-10th eye of fire i ever got… LOL… my hero still has like 3 eye of fires left… all from the only time i completed the jq ><

Now that the zak quest is out of the way… i've got to get my ACB basic… after that i'll have to lvl up and worry about all the skill books… since i didn’t train my ua earlier, i didn’t get the free mastery book they were giving out that time… haiz… I'll need to buy pretty much every single book… i wonder how much that's gonna cost me zzzzzzz. The only consolation is that i made some mesos yesterday from selling my aquamarines and bronze plates… now i've gotten my DB, UA and WH all in the business of mining… (now that if i have the time to log in and mine on them all). Gotta earn some $$$ for all the skill books… and than there's the axe my demon slayer will be needing too… (now that's if i train it much in the 1st place)

Wonder if i'll be able to get my ACB w/o problems… *prays that it drops on the 1st zak*

Hmm in other news, palas really have godly defense. I maxed out my shield mastery yesterday and now i have like… 6.2k def! My hero only has something like 2.9k! CRAZY! And I'm not even using a shield with much WD… only using my outdated (but still trustworthy) maple shield. HP pots? What hp pots???? Ani guard hits me 1 damage, angry franken also hits 1 damage… the problem i have though, is that my mp runs out really fast… like at any guard, keep having to go to the healing place cos i ran out of mp (and the pot have yet to cd). Went mltc to level up that last 0.5%… didn’t die, but gave up cos i ran out of mp rounds ago and the mobs keep refusing to drop pots… -.-'''

Ah yes… us 3 musketeers gathered together for scar/targa on sat… (well because i shamelessly asked them to help my ua helm ><)

Pathetic drop rate… not a single scar helm dropped, and only got 2 targa helms… flame's striker gained tons of exp though… and my ua got 12% per boss… not too bad lah… oh that time boss b3 was hitting me like 1k damage? when i remember to threaten that is… (w/o threaten it hits like 1.5k damage) that was w/o shield mastery. Now? I'm positive it'll hit me 1 damage too… noob boss ha! Even than… for the boss run i didn’t use a single pot… neat eh? hp recovery ftw! Now I'm wondering how's gonna eat the tons of milks my hero collected from various bosses over the years… f3

MapleStory 2012 03 18 00 23 29 20MapleStory 2012 03 18 00 27 22 26MapleStory 2012 03 18 00 35 05 56MapleStory 2012 03 18 00 51 33 46

Ah yes… with the free beauty coupons… i changed the look on my UA and hero too… hero i was more shui bian already… cos i took really long on my UA… actually it’s the 3rd time i got this hairstyle already… 1st time i was totally white (actually, now not much diff, but i just sick of hunting coupons), 2nd time was dark skin, which i don't want… and 3rd time i got the hairstyle… is this loh. With the ultra qian bian face… actually, my hero has quite a qian bian face now too… and the eyes look really weird when i smile o.o

MapleStory 2012 03 18 00 51 45 21

MapleStory 2012 03 18 01 36 58 70

Thanks law n flame for the helm! XD


Ah found the SS… my hero and the creepy smile

MapleStory 2012 03 17 22 00 59 06

MapleStory 2012 03 17 00 19 37 26

look ok lah the hair… not super nice but not very ugly either… i like it (and kept it) cos it matches well with the wings and the evan hair perm cs item...

MapleStory 2012 03 18 21 36 11 43

Ah this… see that purple number there? that's how much angry franken hits me for XD

MapleStory 2012 03 19 12 02 34 28

as with the any guard… XD

MapleStory 2012 03 19 12 18 11 81

a bunch of 3rd jobbers whacking ani… took us so long to defeat him :( i got 4% exp and a 100% str cape scroll for my efforts… :X


Ah… since i made a bunch of meso with the mining materials, i went to get my hog… at 1st i was contemplating waiting till 4th job before getting both at the same time, like i did with my hero (cos that time i no $$$) but now since i remembered abt the hog (and have the $) i decided to get it 1st.

MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 19 25 49MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 20 30 37

charge blow animation is pretty!

MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 24 18 23

actually i had to try a total of 3 times to finish it f3. 1st time i finished but with about 10 secs or so left. While i was standing there wondering what to do, the clock expired and i got sent out… and when i leave the portal the quest items were gone f3. Hey i thought i have to protect the damn pig for the full 5 minutes! 2nd time i spent too much time hitting the chests for the report and the pig died on me f3. 1st time i was hitting aliens for a while and wondering why the reports weren't dropping… than i saw… OH the BOXes *face palm*. blur right… totally forgotten how to do the quest since my hero got the hog long ago… all i remember was that you have to protect the pig so that the pig will drop something for you… (the pig kept dropping the mardi gras beads too, so irritating!). The only other char that has a mount is my evan - paid $$$ for it only because i like the look of the blue dragon. And i didn’t have to protect the hog for it. 3rd time finally succeeded, and got smarter and actually went to click on the npc to complete the quest f3. MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 05 81MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 07 68MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 09 78

Ok, so i got my saddle, and the mob riding skill. But no hog… yet.

MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 18 43MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 29 54MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 31 18MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 38 38 14MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 48 20 96

There goes my mesos… u robber!

MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 54 56 34

now i can go off to catch my pig.

MapleStory 2012 03 19 00 55 01 76MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 00 41 93MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 00 47 20

i was like WOW OMG A RARE HOGUL. 1st time i see a treasure mob. But after killing it, it dropped me a wonderful 2 zebra tickets. PAWNED by the penalty. zzzzz

MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 05 44 06

There, finally got my hog. I was looking for my monster rider skill in the beginner's tab and was starting to panic when i can't find it… than i remembered there's the mount tab f3...

MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 06 00 62MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 06 04 90MapleStory 2012 03 19 01 11 17 73

hmm… what was this SS for again? Well needless to say, the old fox hits me 1 damage only...


k, that's all for now XD

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