Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ah… long time no see...

Opps… its been a while since i posted here yeah… wanted to make a post last week but in the end i was busy. Busy in a… very different sense.

When I'm in sch i did lab, or now that lab is over i've got more report writing, blast and swiss models to do. And when I'm at home, I'm either busy watching shows, or playing… and since i refuse to use blogger website to blog, i'll only blog when I'm in mac, not when I'm in xp and playing maple/trickster.

An update on what happened in zak last Monday though… i went for the 1st round, but forgot to off PG and got DC-ed zzzzzzz

2nd round survived and managed to gain me one level… but no a adv charge basic zzzzz. And the 1st round in which i dc-ed? It dropped -.-'''

Hmm did we go for a 3rd round after 12mn? i think we did… but didn’t drop either… cos i rem i have 2 EoF left lol… meh i gotta check the SSes at home or something to make sure. Yes I'm slacking in the middle of work again haiz.


After that… my 2nd ever char to hit 4th job is born! Yeah, i PQed and monster parked my way to 120, and over the weekend trained my char all the way to 129… not bad eh?

Gotta thank cow cow for my blast 20, which thankfully passed on the 1st try. The only blast 30 book in my storage passed too, so that's one skill settled for me. Next up i'll have to worry about stance 20… while i have like 2 or 3 books of stance 30, i don't have a single stance 20… and yesterday i saw a stance 20 sold at 64m. zzzzzzzzzzz! so ex!!!!!!!!!! sighs. that'll be a while later tho, i think i need like maybe… 10 more levels or smthing? since i'll be adding divine shield before stance i think?


kk, just a short update for now, that's all. More when I'm at home or tmr… or something? haha… the next post will be an epic picture spam. or maybe i shd split it up into a few posts? lol...


(ah yes… the legends are coming soon eh?)

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