Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MapleSEA Ares Gateway - Epic Fail!

Couldn’t concentrate on any work yesterday… and felt the urge to maple so I restarted my comp to XP and tried to maple… was planning on training my UA a bit in the monster park and all… BUT….

The Ares Gateway crashed! Couldn’t get in at all! PRO! After that i went to check the forums and apparently it has been down since like 7pm (was 10+pm when i tried to login).

This afternoon there were still complains of crashes, server instability etc etc in the forums. EPIC FAIL… what else can i say???

In part i forgot that it was the march hols (since its still school/fyp time for me), and during holidays you get more lag etc… but an entire gateway crash??? In the past this was quite unheard of… seems like maple has only gone from worst to… even worst :S

And i don't foresee it to get better either...


In the end i went to play trickster… took a long time to patch my trickster since the last time i played was like in Nov last year… My timing to log in was just nice though… it’s the poppuri event now and that means… WHEE!!! the driller boys and driller girls pets are back at last! I got so sick of drilling for quests last time and was really wishing i had a driller pet to help out… so i took the chance and got a 15 day super driller girl… trained a bit at tap1 to get that last level i needed to use the lvl 140 pet… (before i bought it of cos)… decided to get the super driller girl for the extra weight it gives… managed to get like 9X hunter boxes yesterday… and after 1 night of digging at desert beach, my pet drilled over 950 boxes out for me… neat! wondering if i'll continue letting it drill in the desert beach for boxes… or if i'll move somewhere else where i can get some quest items too… only problem is where else can i go where i won't risk dying :S maybe i'll stay in the desert beach place after all… drills are free too there… i'll need to whack some mobs for the hunter boxes tho… intending to get at least 400 of the boxes for the rewards… wonder if i shd whack in some noob place - where i can 1hko with my noob mana storm,  or go somewhere to quest/train at the same time. Ah now that I'm 140, i'll have more quests at the rose garden to do…


ok, that's all from me for now.

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