Friday, March 2, 2012

Megu and Bejeweled butterflies

My megu finally evolved! its not a flaming fireball… i have no idea what triggered the evolution though… seems like absolutely nothing to me. At 1st i was thinking maybe they'll force me to bring it on an adventure before it'll evolve, but i didn’t do anything other than feeding and cleaning and it evolved… o.o oh wells… that's good alrite.

IMG 2036

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Bejeweled (iOS) has a new update! Now there's a new mode, butterflies! its hard but fun… some time back i was still debating whether to buy the mac version since it has the butterfly mode, but the price is kinda ex… not to mention that once u played bejeweled on a touch device, you won't want to play it on the  computer anymore….

so this mode is quite unlike the diamond mine mode in the sense that its not timed. i.e. - you don't have to rush. Its a turned based thing. Basically, butterflies will appear at the bottom of the screen, and you have to match them before they reach the spider at the top of the screen. Once even a single butterfly hits to top, its game over. Each turn more gems will turn into butterflies, and each of the existing butterflies will move up one spacing unless they are 1) matched, or 2) the gems directly on top of the butterfly is matched. If you make a match below the butterfly, it'll still move upwards before falling down as the gems below are removed.

The key about the game is productivity. make sure that all you moves are not wasted. Either get rid of some butterflies, or try and make some power up gem… always check and see which column has butterflies reaching the top and work on those columns… quite a few times i didn’t notice the butterfly at the top till the spider ate it :X also happened to me twice was that the butterfly was on the verge of death already, and i happily made a 4-in-a-row match directly below, without realizing that it'll create a gem there and NOT move my butterfly back down and poof! game over -.-''' I'd never thought those power up gems would one day be the cause of my downfall tsk...

but those butterflies can build up really fast w/o the help of power ups to mass remove them… especially at later parts, the whole screen is practically filled with butterflies and butterflies only… w/o a bunch of power ups exploding you're pretty much dead… at 1st you still can let butterflies be if you see that it can make a match on its own accord in a the next turn or so, but soon you shd just make the match manually cos some other gem could just turn into a butterfly and than there'll be no chance to make that match anymore.

hmm, that's all i've got to say… some screenies at the end and that's it for now!

IMG 2027

New badges for butterfly mode

IMG 2028IMG 2033

my high score so far: almost 1.5m points

IMG 2034IMG 2035

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