Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7th March… so much things happening

So much things happening so the 7th...

1st there's my friend's bday dinner + clubbing (for someone who has NEVER been clubbing before, this IS a BIG deal. BIG deal as in the $$$ I'd be spending in that one day :S)

than there's arashi's 37th single release

and the apple announcement (iPad 3 or iPad HD???)

finally there's the Monster Park release on MSEA


i guess i should have mentioned it before, but i totally forgot about it...


so tomorrow we'll finally get monster park eh?

that'll make leveling much easier and give ppl an alternative to PQs, since the removed the party exp bonus from areas such as LHC last patch...


sighz… maybe i'll try and log in and give monster park a go… not forgetting to take an abundance of screenshots to share here.

fyp's been unforgiving… okay, that's all for now.

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