Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hmm… really busy with fyp stuff lately… don't have and won't have time to maple… so nothing much in terms of maple for me to post here...

Some picture spam from Megu once again. They had an update some time back changing the menu buttons...

IMG 1992

ah, that's their V-day splash screen…. i love their splash screens, its really cute

IMG 2006

The new outing menu, with walk, ball toss, adventures… and strays? Well that just means that u can race or sumo with some random stray megus. There's a bunch of different stray megus of different levels… gold rewards for winning is scaled according to opponent level tho, so you probably wouldn’t want to waste time on those low leveled guys. Oh and it seems like for the 1st time you go on an adventure, you only have to pay 5 elixirs instead of the usual 10.

IMG 2008

No more walk and ball toss in the care menu...

IMG 2007

My megu doesn’t fulfill the requirements for special evolution… the thing is… there's like o way of knowing what the requirements are -.-

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