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Jump Patch - Party Quest Revamp

Ok… so my friend came over on sat and we mapled… and i subsequently spent the rest of the night mapling and pqing my knight from 67 all the way to lvl 81. PQs are… super fast exp now.

Now with the implementation of the exp reduction once you are more than 5 lvls abv the mob level… plus with the superb exp from PQs… PQs are absolutely the way to do to level up fast. Bad thing is that, there's a limit of 10 times for each pq per day. The timer resets are 12midnight… so plan you PQing routine well.

Note that now, only etc and potions will drop from mobs with yellow names - i.e. mobs that are more than 20 levels below you. This doesn’t apply to mobs that are abv lvl 150 however… Ah… there's an official game announcement on this issue now… i'll copy and paste it over here:

1. Experience & Mesos Gained from the monsters : We have received confirmation news from the developers that monsters Experience & Mesos deductions is not a BUG. Here’s the new structure of the monster Drops and Experience gained. The higher the level difference between your Maple Character and the Monsters, you will receive a certain percentage of penalty.

– If the difference level between your Maple Character and the Monster is above 21 level, you will receive 60% Deduction in Experience, 100% No drops in Mesos and 100% No Reward Drops ( *Example : Weapons / Equipments / Scrolls ).

– Rewards Drops does not include Monster’s ETC and Potions.

– All boss monsters and normal monsters above level 150 will not be subjected to the reduction penalty.


Yup, so that's that for the mob exp and mess reduction penalty… For PQs… there's now a limit of 10 rounds per day per pq… but with the ridiculously fast exp, i really wouldn’t complain. Each of the PQs are much easier to complete than before, and now the exp rewards are scaled according to level. It seems like those more complex, and time consuming PQs give more exp too… next time I'm free I'd like to try doing noob pqs like ludi pq on my hero, and see how the exp compares with kenta/escape pq (both give the same amy of exp)… i've a feeling that the exp will be rather decent too… at least it'll give you a change when you get bored of the usual rex/kenta/escape pqs for 4th job chars.  Ah the bad thing is that the mob level in all the pq places are scaled according to the average level of your pt members. I went with my 200 hero, my 7x bam, and a 11x random mapler on sat and the mobs were lvl 113… and my dear bam died in 2 hits :S… Leveling is ridiculously fast otherwise though. A few pqs here and there and you level already… my 7X char was getting 37% per round of ludi pq o.o

Even at 18X, you can get around 1% per pq, so for the short time taken, it's really sweet and fast exp… gosh, i used to take over an hour to get 1%! Now you can get maybe 10% even if your pt is fast… 6mins per pq is quite possible right? Even if you're a bit slow, say 10mins per pq, that's still a whooping 6% per hour… at 18X, that's really fast.

Ok, even talk, now for the spamming of screenies once more. Enjoy.


Herb Town/Pirate PQ

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 06 17 06

Ah, herb town PQ. Now there's a lot of changes to make PQs easier and faster to complete. Like reduced number of stages… and in places where the leader had to pick up something and turn it in to the npc, now anyone in the pt can pick up the items and it'll be automatically counted towards the quest… Like the collecting of marks in herb town pq. Also, instead of 20 of each mark, now you only need 10. In the 1st stage though, there are chests scattered around and you HAVE to click the chests to kill the mobs that'll spawn - previously it was optional to hit the chests.

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 13 21 99

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 13 24 81


MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 06 53 59

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 39 25 04MapleStory 2012 02 12 03 13 43 92

In the 3rd stage, you have to get keys from the mobs, just like previously. The difference is that now instead of having to drop the keys in front of the doors to close it, you pick up the key, stand close to the door, and click on the door to close it. No more accidental door closures, and no more having to kill the mobs fast and wait till you stop panting to throw out the key etc etc.

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 18 10 21

Next up… is the boss stage! Fast isn't it? The two stages of mass killings are gone now… making the pq much faster than before.

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 18 43 35MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 18 45 98

ah there, 125k exp at lvl 77, really good exp imo.

MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 24 35 46MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 24 54 85MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 24 55 56MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 57 30 23

The thing about this new pirate pq is that… i have no idea how to get the angry/furious lord pirate boss…! :X

The Ice Knight’s Curse PQ

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 32 10 10

ah, i posted on this pq already… so more picture spam...

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 32 17 34

since I'm using a noob char this time, it actually takes a while to kill the boss...

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 32 27 99MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 32 39 40MapleStory 2012 02 12 03 40 02 56MapleStory 2012 02 12 03 44 57 09

Make sure ur pt member doesn’t run too far away for too long, else its an auto fail!


Kerning PQ

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 45 02 79

Ah yes, the kerning pq… even the kerning pq gives nice exp...

MapleStory 2012 02 11 20 47 56 26

MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 02 13 92MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 06 27 76

hmm a brief overview of kerning pq… 1st stage: talk to the npc to see how many pass you need to collect… numbers can be like 3, 5, 8 etc… seems like all small numbers. Once u get the required number of passes, speak to the npc… where they used to give out another pass that you have to give to the leader, now that pass is auto collected. So leader… you don't have to do anything, just sit ard and talk to the npc...

2nd stage: same, 4 ropes, pick 3 correct ones. easy peasy.

3rd stage: 5 platforms, pick 3 correct ones. Take note of the blue line in the chat window, it'll tell you how many platforms you got correct so that'll help you

4th stage: mass killing

5th stage: king slime boss stage...


Moon Bunny PQ

MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 16 31 42MapleStory 2012 02 12 02 09 32 53

That's the rice cake hat that you can get from the pq...

MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 16 50 90

MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 08 50 51

Ah, moon bunny pq. very fast and easy pq for a bit of exp. All you have to do is 1) kill pigs, collect seeds that drop. 2) with the seeds in ur inv, click on the small little platforms (with arrows saying click) to plant the seeds. No more guessing which is the right seed to put on which platform, now all the seeds are the same… 3) protect the moon bunny while it makes moon cakes.

You can continue collecting moon cakes after that, you'll have 2 minutes to protect the moon bunny and collect as many moon cakes as you can. LIke all the pq items, 1 copy of the moon cake will appear in every member's inv as the item is picked up, so no need to snatch the moon cakes! With 10 and 100 moon cakes you can change for 2 different hats… didn’t take note of the stats though, but well it's more of a collector's item than anything else.

MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 08 58 82MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 09 41 76MapleStory 2012 02 11 21 26 09 21MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 57 38 48MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 55 40 12MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 55 41 06

Ludibrium PQ

Ok, that last pq that i tried was the ludi pq…

1st stage is just killing the mobs and picking up all the pass. As with all pqs, anyone can pick up the pass and it'll be automatically 'used up'/counted to the stage completion

2nd stage: ah, like before, there's a bunch of portals that you have to enter and kill the mobs inside. Only thing is that now it's a lot more informative. They've got boxes telling us whether there are mobs in the map or not, and how many mobs are left to make things faster and easier.

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 18 01 59

It'll tell you when it can 'feel' the mobs in the portal...MapleStory 2012 02 12 00 07 57 68

Or if the room has been cleared already.

MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 09 17 59MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 09 18 64MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 23 45 81

Returning to the main map of the stage will show how many mobs you have left to kill. Once done, anyone in the pt can move to the next stage, and that'll bring the entire pt with him. no need for everyone to climb all the way back up anymore, yay! (in fact that's true for all but the rombot killing level… bug perhaps?)

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 25 50 14

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 25 58 32

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 26 44 76MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 27 14 81

Any member that finds the final box and moves to the top will bring the rest of the pt up too. Convenient!

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 19 25 42

Oh, next is the rombot killing level already. Fast eh?

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 27 17 85

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 20 11 28

After that is a simple math question. No need to SLOWLY guess the correct code anymore! This is really one huge time save! Talk to the soldier npc to get a platform doll if you only have 3 members and the numbers requested brings the leader out of the balloon click range...

MapleStory 2012 02 12 00 23 13 62

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 29 16 99

Last stage is the boss stage of cos. Beware, the boss will seal and cast darkness, so that can get a little irritating...

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 30 03 45MapleStory 2012 02 12 00 24 04 85MapleStory 2012 02 12 00 51 59 32MapleStory 2012 02 12 01 07 01 53

WIth the huge exp gain, its not surprising to see mass level ups… Oh the blue EXP+ indicates that they are getting extra exp from the daily exp bonus. Each day a random pq will give an extra 20% exp for the 1st 3 times you complete it. Great deal indeed.

MapleStory 2012 02 11 23 21 21 73

The extra exp will be recorded in the chat window as another line like the above.


Hmm, that's all for all my pq information! Hope you enjoyed it!

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