Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are you ready to JUMP?

Ok… its been eons since i last logged into maple… but well.. Jump patch is coming out today so i should talk about it… right?

Hmm… so loads of new stuff coming out today/tmr… including new skill changes like hero's being able to cast panic on boss monsters and stuff… let me discuss the patch notes.

JUMP: Arising of the Origin Patch Notes

1. [Game Content] Class Balance Adjustment

Skill changes! They've… bravo. only posted the KoC skill changes thus far… but well we all knew what's coming up in jump EONS ago… didn’t we?

2. [Game Content] Mount Skill Revamp

Hmm… so i guess with this, we won't have all the mounts taking up our eq inv slots i guess? I hope!

I'm waiting for the medal tab thingy to come out… got so many medals taking up all my eq slots… :S

3. [Game Content] Party Quest Revamp

The Ice Knight’s Curse: ( Recommended Level : Level 30-69 )

Kenta in Danger: ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )

Escape: Lv. ( Recommended Level : Level 120 onward )

3 new party quests! Two recommended for 120 and abv… hmm… sounds interesting. I'll definitely go check those out if i can spare the time to maple!

Exchange rewards for dragon rider… i wonder how often the sky scale will drop though? o.o So far still haven re-tried dragon rider yet… i should… since I'm 200 already...

4. [Game Content] Sky High

Now you can rent  airplanes to travel to other destinations faster! Not bad indeed… i'll buy it if i was mapping and traveling around a lot… i wonder how much time the airplanes will actually save though.

5. [Game Content] Treasure Monster

Sounds good on the website, but with so many mappers (and hackers) these days, i wonder if i'll even get to meet a treasure monster :S

6. [Game Content] Mini Map Renewal

Subtle interface change… not much difference for me.

7. [System Event] SP Reset Scroll Giveaway

Starting from 8th February to 6th March 2012, Explorer: Warrior/Magician/Bowman and Knight of Cygnus: Soul Warrior/Flame Wizard/Wind Breaker will receive a FREE SP Reset Scroll upon their login.

-There must be an empty space slot under the “USE” slot in order to receive the free SP Reset scroll.

Oh, not bad, they give it directly to you when you log in this time… only thing is that my hero has nothing to reset… and the rest of my chars are too noob to need an sp reset. Oh i don't think there's anything to reset for my SM either… hmm… i'll just log in and take a look (when i log in maple :S)

8. [System Event] Explorer’s Job Reward Event

Hmm… unless i go train my UA… none of my chars will benefit from this...

9. [System Event] Explorer’s Gratias Ring

Make a new char, train to 70, to get a lirins/resistance ring… since i already have the lirins and resistance rings… i don't need to get another...

10. [System Event] Valentine’s Day Event

The usual, old, free charm event.

11. [System Event] Rainbow Event

1. Monday: Bonus EXP when hunting a monster of your choice
2. Tuesday: 10% bonus EXP from participating in any Monster Survial event
3. Wednesday: Collect Yellow Butterflies to trade in 10% and 60% scroll for 15% and 65% scrolls up to three times
4. Thursday: 10% bonus EXP from winning at Monster Carnival or Sea of Fog
5. Friday: Find the gold at the end of the rainbow as we open Gold Richie’s Treasure Vault!
6. Saturday: 10% bonus EXP when you participate in a party quest*
7. Sunday: 10% bonus EXP when you defeat a boss monster*

Note that there's a list on the party quest and boss monsters that gives the extra exp…

How many times have they recycled this event already…? :S i lost count...

12. [System Event] Evolving Belt Event

If you don't have any belt that adds WA/MA… than go get this.


You need a total of 6 days to get the final belt though (there's belt 1-6, and than the final one)… Its not too bad though… better than the black belt and larson's challenger belt… My evan and hero got much better witch belts to use, but  not the rest of my chars. problem is that you have to log in everyday… :S unless i 'steal' my mum's or my sis's lappy… i won't be able to do it… so i'll probably just forget about this…

Well with 5 slots, its nice to chaos i guess, but since i can't afford chaos scrolls… so whatever...

13. [System Event] Random Beauty Coupon Event

Change ur face look… they are giving out free coupons again i guess? like the last time we all got free haircut and hair color coupons…. i wonder what i'll end up with this time (oh, i gotta remember to log in to collect it 1st…)

14. [System Event] Mardi Gras Celebration

A free tempo mask… but like i said, its tempo so… why bother?

15. [Changelogs]

  1. Elin Forest, Neo Tokoyo, Von Leon Castle, Fortress of the Knights has changed to normal maps. Hence, the mobs that were living in those maps has changed to normal type as well. Party Play Bonus EXP system has been removed for Von Leon Castle & Fortress of the Knights.
  2. Quest notifications that appeared above the character’s head have been moved to the left side of the screen.
  3. System Event Calendar has been added.
  4. Mini map increase to max size automatically in certain maps.
  5. Party matching system has been revamped.
  6. Party search function has been added.
  7. Party EXP distribution has been modified.
  8. Dimensional Mirror’s appearance has been changed.
  9. Please be informed that starting from 8th February 2012, Pam’s Song will not be activated with equipments that were used with the following cash items.
    • Vega’s Spell 10% and 60%
    • Shielding Ward

  10. System photo taking session for Sweety Wedding Ticket and Premium Wedding Ticket will be removed. However, players are still able to capture their wedding photos through the in-game screenshot function.

HA THIS! Hidden in the change logs there's a lot of stuff that everyone's mourning about. No more party play bonus in VLC! That means no more good grinding places till the Spiegelman’s Monster Park opens.

Quest notifications being moved to the side is a great news. No more irritating lightbulb above your head!

16. [Gachapon] Gachapon Update

Acash stuff… nothing to do with me.

17. [Cash Shop] Cash Shop Update

Acash stuff… nothing to do with me.

18. [Download] v1.14 Jump Full Client & Manual Patch

Just the download links. Nothing special.



In another notice, they announced that the Sg gateway and Msia gateway will be renamed to something nicer and more fanciful. I guess it's also cause they are adding Philippines maplers in the Msia gateway, so it'll be a bit biased to continue calling it the msia gateway…

Ares Gateway

Ares, The God of War
Preferred Gateway for Singapore Maplers

Ares Gateway will consist of:

  1. Aquila

  2. Bootes

  3. Cassiopeia

  4. Delphinus / Eridanus / Izar

Artemis Gateway

Artemis, The Goddess of Wildness
Preferred Gateway for Malaysia and Philippines Maplers

Artemis Gateway will consist of:

  1. Fornax / Gemini / Hercules

Guess that's all the updates i have now for jump! Till next time!

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