Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heroes - Jump skill changes...

Here's the list i did a long time ago about the skill changes in jump patch for heroes...


  • Power Strike damage increased from 260% to 280% at max level.
  • Slash Blast damage increased from 180% to 220% at max level


  • Power Guard removed.
  • Enhanced Basics removed.
  • New skill: Power Reflection - At max level, lasts for 180 seconds. Absorbs 30% damage and reflects 500% damage.
  • New skill: Physical Training - At max level gives 30 DEX and 30 STR.
  • Ground Smash hits 4 mobs, at 320% damage, up from 3 mobs at 300% damage.


  • Improving MP Recovery removed.
  • New skill: Self Recovery - Recovers 80 HP and 80 MP for four seconds at max level.
  • Panic damage increased from 480% to 1000%. Same 90% change to put monster in darkness. Darkness now decreases mob accuracy by 20% increase of 60%, and darkness effect lasts for 30 seconds instead of 9 seconds. Cool down time of 30 seconds added, darkness effects now affects BOSS mobs. Minimum of 2 combo counters is now needed to use Panic. Only two orbs are used when casting panic, and the skill hits 6 mobs instead of being single target like previously.
  • Chance Attack now works properly on frozen mobs.
  • Coma damage increased from 400% to 620%. Now uses up only 2 orbs.
  • Brandish now hits 3 mobs at all levels (previously it needs to be lvl 15 or higher to hit 3 mobs)


  • Achilles removed. All SP in this skill will be transferred to Advanced Final Attack.
  • New skill: Advanced Final Attack - At max level, Advanced Final Attack has 60% activation chance and deals 250% damage. Also gives permanent 30wa and 10% increase in accuracy.
  • Monster Magnet damage increase from 200% to 300% at max level. Number of mobs pulled now depends on skill level. Instead of pulling 6 mobs at all levels, Monster Magnet now needs to be lvl 26 and above to pull 6 mobs.
  • Intrepid Slash now hits 4 mobs, up from 3. Animation when holding axe or sword is now different.
  • Range of Rush increased from 320% to 350%.
  • Hero's Will is now able to cure almost every status effect. When a player has the skill lock status, the player cannot use the Hero’s Will skill anymore


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