Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Megu!

Haha… yes… more megu! I realized my megu had leveled up enough to buy a new house, so i did… and i bought as much new decorations as my financial status allowed… now i'm completely broke once more :S buying the new house really ate up a lot of money!

IMG 1794

Here's the new house… all empty and bare

IMG 1795

and after decoration… i tried to make it classy looking… but yeah… i don't think there weren't many decorations in the style that i wanted… i wanted it to be like… modern looking… simple yet elegant and classy… like the glass table with the triangular feet at the back. Couldn’t find anything else that fitted with the table though… the blue chair beside the table kind of fitted… but wasn’t exactly what i wanted. I was looking to find more articles made of glass, but to no avail… :( aw…

IMG 1796

So that's my handiwork… megu has a lot of the european styled furniture… which i don't really like (plus the space they give for decoration is really small!) oh wells..

Its quite amazing that i actually stick with playing the game even after so long… heh...

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