Wednesday, January 26, 2011


At drug discovery n biotechnology lect now n I'm bored so I did this:
Deleted the lame pic from my itoy already n I can get the link of he image only from my phone so too bad... Well I did br my lappy with me but I dont feel like taking it out.

edit - now that i'm on my lappy i shall get the pic on here:

No doubt the lect is want I like n want to study, but so far he's only. Been saying stuff I've heard many times before in rg options, h3 chem, other sbs modules etc... Well it's only the 1st lect after all. I'm really glad I'm taking this module tho. It's pretty much all the pharm chem stuff I learnt in h3 pharm chem. It's definitely gonna be more in depth n even harder, and considering how I merely pass h3 chem this is kinda dangerous. Nonetheless it's truly wat I'm interested in. Or rather, I'm truly interested in this area. It's not my sole area of interest, and I don't know if its wat I'm most interested in, but the interest is 100% genuine. Not like cancer bio where it's more like... Interesting to know but that's abt it. Had a lect yest on protein folding n NMR. Gonna be another tough module, but we'll be learning all the spectroscopy stuff which is a pretty essential skill to have... Gotta... Buck up...

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