Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random stuff - an iPhone picture special

Yes. An iPhone picture special! Since it takes so long to type from my iPhone... But the pics are on my phone and I do wish to show u guys the pics so here goes!

Books n more books!

I borrowed 12 books from the lib aft my last paper last yr. <3 jurong regional lib n nlb's holiday double loan cap special

Anyone else plays Kawaii megu pet on iPhone?

Love their graphics, it's so freaking cute

Went out with my sis n my friend to nihon mura sushi buffet. Aft that we went kino to buy a book my dd was looking for, and I got this! Vol 1-10 of bakuman for a mere 13 bucks! In one book! Raw version!

Gift from my sis. She got it in Taiwan... 108 pieces jig-saw puzzle x2! <3 jig saw puzzles but the last time I did one properly was probably in like primary sch. Or kindergarden.

So I did the puzzle. Took roughly 30mins... Quite slow I guess. Been too long since I last did them... They are like so ex these days sheesh

Pocket frogs anyone?

More pocket frogs pics coming up!

Very old pics

Nope, this isn't my habitat. It's my neighbor's.

Next up, loads of pic from my family outing to the zoo. So log since I last went to the zoo wig my family. Maybe since primary sch even? Idk. Even the last time I went to that place was during my jc1 class outing to night safari. Zoo? Hmm... During some sec sch sci related field trip I guess? When? Can't rem sry! Too long ago aldy lah! Ok here comes the pics.

Yes, a deco in some tent in the zoo

I didn't take much pics of animals on my hp. Took with the camera only. Took quite alot of pics of flowers, the playground area n other stuff tho. The playground area is now so completely diff from the last time I went there!

Some kind of bird or duck..

Yup! Stingrays!

At the kids world aka playground area. Guess wat those are? It's uber cute right? It's the shower area! For u to rinse before gng into the water playground that is. Got proper toilets n cubicles for u to shower one lah. Cute right???

Squid benches n taps!

I stood there waiting for my mum n sis. N for the person to remove their belongings so that I can have a nice shot.

Squid head!

I was finally rewarded!

That's abt all for now! Tata!
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