Monday, May 3, 2010


its always during the exam period when i blog, update HS etc more often... cos i'm sick of study. nah, i barely even study... just dont have any mood to study anymore ever since i left sec sch.

went dragon rider pq last night, only 1 round. didnt take any SSes... died once cos of the damage reflect... no bs, no one keep track of time... i dont know wat's the time interval between reflects so i cant  keep track myself... was busy chasing the dragon ard and did notice the blue animation... dunnoe wat happened. just died. at least i only died once (and waste 1 buck...) the rest of the guys dunnoe died how many times... 1st damage reflect suddenly left 2 ppl out of 6 alive >< but they heck also lah, 3 of them lvl 200 already mah. can die all they want lol. used like 5 PEs (finally used some of my untradable PEs i got from dunnoe which quest!) during the last stage where there's the 20sec pot cool down time.... but got back 2 PEs from the warrior's box. zzzzzzz pots... oh wells. kinda expected though -.-''' almost died in the last stage cos i didnt put my PE on the shortcut keys. instead, i use mouse to click PE. cos i have 30k hp (got dk), i just use my honsters as per normal (but manual pot! kept pet) whenever my hp is low (basically like less than 15k hp and pot CD already i just use honster), than when i'm running low on mp i eat PE to recover both - i try to wait till hp quite low also to make full use of the 20sec CD time. BUT... cos i use mouse click de... (tired also lah, and had a terrible stomach ache since yest afternoon, much better today) near the end of the boss battle i clicked wrongly... went to eat the mana elixir which was right beside the PE pot... -.-''' hp left like 3-4k... i hurry up chao to <<< side to avoid the attacks... than i saw the animation of the rock attack going to the entire area where i'm nearby (while walk to <<< side to escape)... i was like shyt! gonna tomb and lose 10%! (i only br 1 charm in, and super waste, my previous charm JUST EXPIRE!) luckily for me i left 571 hp after the rock hit... phew! so close to dying ><

hmm, for the part of the quest after whacking the dragon rider, its really not hard at all using the flying skill. considering how i absolutely suck at jump quest, timing/coordination... i clear it within 2mins, with a min to spare.

here's part of my forum post on that section:
oh for the flying section after the rider boss, its actually quite easy... if u get stunned and stuck at one spot, off ur flying skill to fall down, than start flying again. the harder parts at the spikes in the middle, you have to watch the timing else u will get stuck there forever since the spikes appear faster than u can get unstunned (off flying skill, i was stuck there for like... 30sec or smthing?). then the last two falling icicles also appear quite fast - dont attempt to cross to near the top. will get stuck forever once u hit by the rock (kena stucked here too) i managed to clear with 1min left even tho... u know my hand eye coordination for jump quests sux to the core.
yeah. i was stuck there for like 30 secs... thinking if i shd just close maple so that the rest of the peeps can finish the pq... than i was like... trying to open my inv to keep my pet so that it wont auto eat pizzas... soaring skill needs mp, run out of mp and the skill will auto off. didnt think of right clicking until some pt member tell me to off the skill >< *some idiot i am, i know*

anyway thks to those guys for taking me on the run :D cant rem all their igns and i dont want to post any igns here anyway... :P

next time go DR pq is to try to get the monster card more than anything else lol. and of cos, i dont wanna die cos of reflect anymore T.T

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