Tuesday, May 11, 2010


as much as i cannot stand the hammer glitch and AS's indifference towards it... i admit that i'm enjoy writing the guides and doing the calculator a terrible lot. esp the calculator. so challenging and fun... i guess i'll cont doing those although right now all i log in maple for is to fish.

happily playing wonder king now. lvl 54 already... lalala! installed trickster RO already but not logged in yet... or even started the game yet... hope my char is still there or i'll cry. really. really dont wanna start from scratch again. okays, back to WK, hoping to hit 55 at least tonight. tata.

for now.... all maple activities shall be on hold. adding a few mobs a day into HS tho lol. gosh, i'll feel really bad to leave HS. there's really no one else helping with HS sea now... i think... either way i still be stuck with maple ><

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