Tuesday, May 4, 2010

wtf is with the gliches nexon/AS?

basically there's now a glitch that lets players hammer items and scroll them indefinitely... requires the use of acash of cos, but there are traders who can easily earn the cash and have no reservations on exploiting glitches. current threads in msea forums show SSes of pics taken in mts of wa 4X bwg... and other glitched eqs like beyond godly sparta, dragon sleeve etc... market prices of scrolls have also shot up like crazy cos of ppl wanting to exploit the glitch... seriously... wa 5X bwg or even higher? this is CRAZY i swear.

nexon has announced that the glitched items will be removed and players will be banned in GMS. nothing of that sort from AS thus far. seriously if the glitched items are not removed, i see no point in playing msea any further. those items are even more godly than wat you can get in private servers for gods sake! and you dont have to pay tons of rl $ to get godly chars in p.s. as i've spent tons to wash my hp to where it stands now (21k currently, w/o hb).

really wat's the point? i've know a player who used the glitch (directly or indirectly) to get wa22 bwgs and posted in the post ur damage thread... but how abt those wa 4x or higher gloves? this is RIDICULOUS. pretty soon you'll see ppl doing like 100k damage per dish with all those glitched items. and i'm not exaggerating... the no. of glitched items out in the market is unbelievable... as much effort as i've put into msea thru my training grounds guide, the hero's lounge... warrior calculator... HS, training my char, washing hp, buying monthly 2x cards and choinging 4 hours a day for 30, 60 days straight... even my you tube video... i fear that it if AS doesnt correct this glitch by removing the items/reverting all glitched items back to their ORIGINAL state, its time for me to leave the game. seriously wat's the point of playing on when legit players like myself have no point of getting anywhere close to those glitchers/hackers? the whole game will soon be dominated by glitchers/hackers only. really. no point.

i'm already thinking of going back to trickster online revolution. nah, i've made up my mind to re-dl it after my exams. been dreaming abt my 1441 pure MA dark dragon shooting out arrows all day. hope the accts arent deleted... :( i already made it to some 3 digit lvl... yeah lvling is much faster in TO but still... i got some pretty good items there, and some event items too! the problem with that game tho, is that the wiki isnt very updated, and their main site keeps crashing. but still, i think its way better than msea... no swearing and cursing, no KS-ing (game mechanics doesnt allow KS, unless its boss mobs), during the time when i played there were no major bugs unlike msea, they give out free cash points (the equivalent of acash, i forgot the name)... i really liked the game, quited cos i wanted to focus on msea but now msea is getting more and more screwed.

really.. this is the last straw...

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