Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Gosh... after like what... half a year? or waiting... finally the BRAND NEW HIDDEN STREET SEA SITE IS UP!

well not totally brand new since its the same format as the global site which was released much earlier. and of cos, since i'm now helping out as a DB mod i've been looking at the site when it was not yet 'live') from quite a while now (13 days to be exact). but gosh was i excited when i saw the announcement about "welcome to the new site" and then Jon telling me they were making it live NOW (at that point in time). yes... i literally waited since like... from may when they announced they were working on a new site and showed some teaser web pages... and now its wat? DECEMBER ALREADY! and i'd nvr imagine i'd be part of their team too... haha... glad i didnt wait for them to come out with the new site before doing up my training grounds guide... -.- imagine the time difference... -.- i've already gotten over 15k views on my old training grounds thread and over 10k views on the new thread...

still there is alot to be done on the HS site. thailand and china are very obviously missing, and mushroom shrine, ninja castle and neo tokyo arent completed yet. and mobs... they are NOT done yet! only 1 - 40 was checked by me last night (i'm not sure if they removed all the extra mobs yet) and then i'll do 61 - infinity later or tmr (oh noes... i haven study finish! gotta type faster!) yeah. i know all the time temple mob names need changing... they are called... smthing real funny in GMS... oh gosh... those weapons i've asked them to remove aint all taken out yet ( i think cos they haven remove some parts that msea doesnt half altogether, eg the glimmer man forging at NLC)... arghs... come one... those shd have been done b4 the site went live... >< *smacks forehead* oh wells... wah... masteria isnt removed yet either *smacks forehead again* oh wells... i'll make sure those get done soon else i'll go bug them again abt it :P

okays okays. time to go back to studying!

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