Thursday, December 10, 2009


hmm... haven mapled at all today, did some stuff like utopia, petting all the WFF fluffs and caroling (the xmas event)... oh the mousehunt ginger bread base blue prints are out! but i've yet to catch the mice that drops it since the prints came out :( already got the GB house trap, but wanna collect the base now!

edited in a teeny weeny little bit of the arans part in my guide... was doing packing n went to the mkt just now with my mum - and that took us pretty long. i promise to finish that up before gng on holiday tho, so i gotta get working!

also, my sis found my clip on sun glasses thing, it was hiding among a shooe box in which she keep all the old spectacles... ha, knew it was with her! oh wells, doesnt matter so long as its found now... :D

our hard working saigo finished all the neo tokyo quests like... yesterday or smthing? anyway i think there isnt too much that the HS sea is lacking now... oh yeah the aran maps arent completed yet - the rien maps shown on the site are only limited to the maps normal adventurers are able to explore - jon brought his priest there to explore haha! No priests allowed in there! in fact, some maps are just like maple island beginning few maps - no turning back there, there's a portal forward but no portal back. the only way to explore those is to make a new aran char. speaking of which, those 'no turning back' maple island maps were just added in to hs sea. the rien stuff shd be coming soon i guess - someone was just assigned the aran quests a couple of days back... i already did my part by sending all that tons of SS and short steps for the aran quests over... those very limited bit that i know that is.

after all that furry of activity in terms of HS sea updates, things have quietened down somewhat, oh the string of quests and stuff related to the balrog boss have just been added, but i dont see a lot of stuff that still needs working on... oh wait the last i saw, there are a lot of scrolls that needs to be disabled, not sure if its been done yet... but oh wells, i'm feeling oh so lazy now. nah, i shd get working on my guide... heh, there are ALOT of those extra stuff that i wanted to add... all undone whee! -.-

okays okays, i'll continue working on aranifying my training grounds guide.

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