Monday, November 30, 2009

Exams, and updates

Exams end on the 8th of Dec... i've got a paper tmr, thursday, and next monday (last paper is next tuesday)...

anyways here are the stuff i've gotta do over this very short holidays (exams end on 8th, gng overseas for 2 week holidays - yes its holidaying but i wont have time to work on my computer stuff) then new term start on 8th jan.

Maple goals i hope get hit by CNY:
163 hero (hope can lah. 163 = max enrage and mw9)
120 SM - shdnt be a problem
at lvl 163 with lvl 12 bless, i can 100% 2hko skeles and 95% or more 2hko cg regret liao... hence my target

after that... scar helm my SM, pass zak helm over to aran, train aran as much as possible... scroll a 13X or 14X reverse... make my 1st laser sword... no solid goals/time lines for all these

managed to make an adv diamond, black crystal and power crystal two days ago, made a 112wa 5 str reverse 1H, passed the 1st slot, then boomed on the 2nd. zzzzzzzz 1st 30% pass then it has to boom... -.- and so that's the 3rd reverse sword made and 2nd boomed. now drag for so long already i feel like aiming for a 14X wa sword liao. nvm, get 13X then say 1st. now got to collect wat... 18 more POT and of cos, all the ores all over again. haiz...........

went solo papu twice over the week end and went on a pianus killing spree. now ALL my storage chars are filled to the brim with pots and skill books. gotta set up a shop over the weekend to sell them.

Papu clocking times:

Saturday run: 10mins 24 seconds

Sunday run: 9mins 55 seconds

whee! not bad, can go under 10mins if i dont keep getting KB-ed off my dear little platform...

and a copy over from my forum post on the list of maple related things i want to do:

yeah i intend to make a SM guide, fighter - hero guide (since nebby's one will like... nvr ever come out), a NW guide, and maybe an aran guide in the future.

i dont plan to include a million ways of adding SP in the guide, but its more of to share how i allocated my SP (or should have)... basically i will share what is, from my personal POV, the BEST way to build ur char and why i think that way. of cos for the hero one there will be more variations included, since there arent any too many hero guides ard. in contrast a simple google/forum search will yield quite a lot of skill allocation guides for the rest of the chars - no point for me to just copy all the other guides.

also i have to consider how unique my guide will turn out to be. no point coming up with smthing that ends up looking like what's already been done.

then i have to pick out places that will make good training grounds for aran and add it in my guide - not sure if i want to make a seperate section for arans.

also going overseas for holidays in december for like wat... 2 weeks or smthing? i parents JUST booked the tour package like a few days ago.

then cos i itchy hand? bored? i went apply to help out at hidden street - loads of stuff there that needs adapting/adding/removing to fit the MSEA (from GMS) data to keep me busy... just did the draft guides for some aran quests and sent it over to the devs so that they can add it in.

and than of cos, right now i still have 4 papers coming up to keep me away from starting on all my projects... and oh yes... the maple CNY resolutions...

oh wells, at least i finished my goal i set over a year ago to make a gobies training video guide

and for those ppl who think that arans are able to go bossing well w/o washing hp: (another copy over from my forum post)

i really dont get why ppl are going all gaga over aran's 4th job skills high defense and combo barrier and saying that it'll make up for their lack of hp. do they realise that high defense is but the same as any other warrior's achilles? are they going to max those 2 skills right away at 4th job? by the time those 2 skills are max they would be well into their 4th job and would have wanted to start their bossing life way before that... if normal warriors with ard 2-3k more hp than them at lvl 120 (and the difference increase with lvl) finds it not easy to survive in boss runs or go ht (or even get accepted into a squad), things will be worst for arans. not talking abt which class has more dps and so on here, just pure survivability in boss runs. for many ppl, high defense will be a skill that's push till the very end to be added... its just like how unpractical it is to max achilles before 17X in heros... so for all those who think that arans are gonna have an easy time bossing w/o washing hp cos they have and oh so high 35% damage reduction, i guess they can start their easy bossing life at 18X and above...

and yet another post of mine:

its always dangerous to rely to buffs so that you can tank the boss damage. eg. u rely on hb, and dk did not buff u in time after dispel - tomb.
rely on combo barrier to tank - if u didnt manage ur combos well and cant reach 200 combos in time to use the buff, then tomb. suay suay get stunned before u use combo barrier, also can lead to death. remember that will mobbing, its easy to get to 200 combo, but bossing u only hit 1 target (there are exceptions though, like zak arms) and gathering up the combos is much slower than in normal training.


okays, i guess i WILL make an aran guide someday. okays, that's all for now. i MUST start studying now. tata

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