Sunday, December 27, 2009

back to maple

so i'm back from my holidays a couple of days ago...
went to chiong SM and hero... SM lvled up 5 times to lvl 100 2 days ago, and hero made it to 159... now i'm 1 short of the world of 16X, and 4 short of my 163 bossing package completion. after 163... i guess i'll get rush 1st, then achilles. doubt i'll ever get a ht neck or mw20, but of cos if my luck changes then i'll leave the next 3 lvls of sp for mw20. also went to train aran to lvl 52 today - the keyboard smashing is really not to my liking. tapping tappity tap on my keyboard - dam freaking noisy - my parents wont even have to peep into my room to know that i'm playing T.T

going to work on hs sea updates before i the 2x drop and exp later at night where it'll be time to train hero.

also intending to start work on a brand new website of my own to host my guides and so on... but then again i'm wondering abt my abilities... my website building techniques is non-existent yet i've got a really grand website in mind... -.- will it ever be fulfilled? o.o

got a lot of additions to my training grounds guide to be made - and then they split the forum section for arans and warriors, so whether i will make another guide for arans... well i really dont know though for now i'm thinking not to.

okays, gonna start adding some medals to hs... tata

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