Thursday, December 10, 2009

the holidays begins

no more exams, gotta try and squeeze out some time to do up the guide in stuff...

hero lvled up today! lvl 158 now... mw9 at last :D can 2hko skele ard... 80% of the time w/o enrage le. not bad :D reach 17.1k hp already. haven wash out the 5ap i just added into hp today - waiting for the YES (year end sales) to come, hope i wont start and end while i'm away T.T

great, i just realize i cant find that sunglasses clip on thing which i'll need for the holiday trip since we're gng korea and china, and the itinerary includes a day of skiing... it'd better show up soon or else... >< i'll be in deep trouble... T.T

pretty much neglected my fluff on facebook - still wondering if i should leave the 'daily petting group' i'm in... they are such nice ppl... and it saddens me to have to leave... but... i haven been petting the list for like wat? half a year now (yes they are such nice ppl they have no kicked me out of the extra munny list)... not sure if i can keep to the 5times a week petting when sch reopens, but i think i'm willing to give it a try. miss so many of those fluff book events - totally didnt bother abt hte halloween event, missed those art contests... didnt know there's a xmas one till today... or did that event just start i have no idea...

these days maple i pretty much all i do... i can even forget to log in to utopia for like 2 days or smthing... if i'm really bored then i'll go play some games on kongregate... occasionally check fb games like MH and stuff... well MH is the one that i play the most extensively i guess - and by that it was like... at most 3 logins per week previously. now MH has the xmas even gng on so yeah i'm more active on it now. gotta thk ahboy aka law for alerting me to the xmas event even... and the previous halloween event too!

oh yeah, forgot to mention that... xiaokang kindly spared me a zak helm today! +15 to all stats and 20 acc! i spons the sok of cos, but he didnt charge me a single cent! so now my aran has a zak helm too! and he's got like... 135 acc or smthing... very nice acc for a lvl 51 :D no maple weapons too. anyway, it means i can start training my aran already! so many things to do, still wanna train SM to lvl 120 for that 3wa bless. i just want the koc char at max lvl anyway - a discussion with my bl this afternoon also reminded me that i still haven found out if koc FA that stacks with dish hits 1 or 3 mobs. the info i found on other forums says the damag eis spread out over 3 mobs... but well... anyway i sitll want my SM to reach lvl 120. can be done pretty fast but now i aint got much time to play. my parents were so mad at me just now for not helping with packing for the trip and stuff... but seriously i dont see much to pack for... except for that sunglasses clip on thing that i misplaced -.- >< T.T maybe i'll check with my sis tmr... MAYBE its somehow with her or smthing >< bleh, i can only hope. i've search my table and its pretty much unlikely that i have it with me. no idea where else it can possibly go to... haiz.

started working a little bit on the aran training grounds... then started wondering if i shd have a seperate section for them... decided probably not to... got really tired.. came to blog... and now i guess i'm gng off to bed... tata!

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