Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thank you Wonderfluff Friends!

So i said my goodbye to the WFF petting group, i really just, can't find the time and motivation to do the daily pettings anymore. yeah, its weird, i have time among all my HS stuff, forums and such to go hunting occasionally (clicking 1 button) on ghost trappers, mouse hunt AND fish wranglers, but not the drive to go pet the list. yeah well... i guess the list IS quite long... 70+ fluffs and counting... but still... either way its clear that i can't keep things up - i've not touched the list once (actually, i've not even visited my fluff) since i came back from the hols... so yeah. its time to go. actually, when i'm busy i dont check fb at all... these day's i'm also forgetting to log on to utopia. i guess its all maple for now, and than studies.

oh yes, must add on that even though was kinda took off the list w/o me asking to be removed, they are still very nice... sent me a gift of 200 food and let me know that i can rejoin any time i wish to. i do wish to rejoin them, but as of the foreseeable future, i dont have the time... maybe if i remember i'll set up a raffle for CNY... if i remember gosh... i dont even remember all my friends bday - i can tell u the dates and all, but when the actual day comes and passes, i wont even remember to send them an SMS... it just doesnt occur to me that XXday is XX person's bday ><

somehow i do feel that i shd have taken chem instead of bio... i shd have... but its all too late now, changing course after 1.5years doesnt appeal to me, and the 3 year electives DO interest me. i just DO need to be ALOT more consistent in my work from now on, i may have kissed 1st class hons goodbye already, but i still dont want to see so many Bs in my degree audit anymore. that just wont do.

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