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Game Client Update on 16th Jan - Patch Notes (DB Revamp)

This time round, they split the 'patch notes' into two, one called patch notes and the other events. Well let's take a look at the patch notes first...
You can view the entire patch notes here. I'll just be going through the thing and giving my comments as usual.
1. [System Changes] Game Changes
2. [Mini Theme Dungeon] Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery
3. [New Expedition] Hilla
4. [Class Revamp] Dual Blades

Ok so let's look at the first item.
1. [System Changes] Game Changes
There are a couple of game changes made, some useless, and some nice...
a) Weapon & Armor Shops Revamp
You will now be able to purchase level 40 and below items from the Weapon & Armor Shops in Victoria Island.
That’s not all! You can now also purchase level 50 to 60 items from the Weapon & Armor Shops in Ossyria Continent.
How's this? Totally useless if you'd ask me. Who needs to buy low lvl eqs anyway? Like maybe… for the first day, or first two days of playing a new character… IF there's no event that gives you free eq, and IF you completely don't have any eq for that new character to wear. You lvl up to 3rd job faster than the speed of light… want sell also sell high lvl eqs lah. Change le like no change like that. -.-'''
b) Magic Stones Revamp
Simi is magic stones?
The Magic Stones that allows easy movement within the Orbis and Eos Tower have been revamped.
Orbis Tower: Magic stones have been added to 1st, 10th, and 20th floors. You’ll be teleported to other magic stone locations if you pay a set fee. You can choose to use Orbis Rock Scroll instead of paying the fee.
EOS Tower: Magic stones have been added to the following floors: 1, 10, 31, 35, 66, 70, 91, and 100. You’ll be teleported to other magic stone locations if you pay a set fee. You can choose to use Eos Rock Scroll instead of paying the fee.
So… its all the Orbis/Eos magic spots. Now you don't have to do those troublesome quests for Eos/Orbis rock scrolls anymore! No need to keep the stupid scrolls in ur inv and waste space some more! Just pay mesos can le! 10k for orbis, and 15k for Eos. Of course if you use the scrolls, then u save the mesos lah. Basically you can chose which other magic spot to teleport to, so make sure u pick the right one else you'll have to pay again. Good lah. Esp for Eos tower, last time to go up/down need what, 5 Eos rock scrolls… now just one will do (or pay one time). Not that we go up/down Eos tower often but… at least i don't  to keep my orbis rock scroll in the storage so that whichever char that needs and withdraw and use it anytime… so mafan! Just pay meso /heh
c) Scroll Seller Revamp
The various Scroll Sellers have decided to move in the year 2013! All 4 Scroll Sellers have decided to migrate into the towns after staying in the wilds for so long!
You can now find Barun in Orbis, Tulcus in Kerning City, Vega in Ludibrium, Norman in Leafre
About time I guess… so troublesome to go find them f3. But then again i hardly buy scrolls from them anyway. Last time would buy the overall scroll for dex and scroll the bathrobe. Now don't even need anymore. Please lah, i didn’t even know leafre had a scroll seller… LOL!
d) Monster Park Revamp
Woots, i've not been in MP since the last time they revamped it… and now it gets revamped again? Lol!
Monster Park monsters’ HP have been reduced. Number of monsters appearing for stages has been increased. Monster Park entrance ticket drop rate has been doubled.
Also, Special Monsters have started spawning in Monster Park, these monsters have a chance to drop epic grade or higher items when defeated.
Besides being able to obtain epic grade or higher items, when these Special Monsters are defeated, you will be teleported into a Hidden Treasure Vault upon clearing all the stages.
With the Hidden Treasure Vault, more Special Monsters awaits you.
Defeating this monsters will reward you with a Box of Greed. What lies within the box is a mystery that you will have to discover on your own…
Ok… so mad rush to loot the drops by special monster when you are in a PT i guess…? Exp wise… should increase right? Unless when they nerd the monster's hp the exp kena nerfed as well… -.-''' I can't test this tho, since i've not been in MP for so long liao. But makes me feel like soloing MP with my pala again… hey got special monster some more leh! More loot! Lol. Plus i have way too many tickets left on my pala. The hidden treasure vault thing gets me confused liao. Whole pt sent to the treasure vault or what? Or don't tell me MP one only for soloing? I'm so out dated… :X
Wonder what the box of greed will give though...
e) Silent Crusade Revamp
The revamped Silent Crusade will have some of the current level 75 and below quests have been removed or modified. At the same time, 22 level 120+ quests and 10 level 120+ Silent Crusade monsters have been added.
There is also a new UI specifically made for Silent Crusade.
The default hotkeys for this UI is < and >. Within this UI, you can find the information info and location of the monsters you have to hunt and you will be able to access the Silent Crusade from anywhere.
The quests in Silent Crusade have been divided into 4 chapters and you can now immediately receive your reward for clearing all monsters in the chapter from the UI
Hmm… i guess this is supposed to make things easier? Idk… maybe i'll go try and do on my hero and see how it's like….
f) Temple of Time Revamp
A new NPC, Johanna have been added to the map Three Doors
Some Temple of Time maps and resting spots have been removed and shortcuts have been added. Topography of some of the maps within the Temple of Time have also been changed. Starting level and completion requirement have been changed for some quests and some quests can now be automatically started and ended.
Oooo map changes… a general store in the Three Doors so you can sell off stuff… good good. At least when questing at that past hensys place and TT don't have to go all the way back to leafre! And auto start and finish the quests? That's  convenient! Maybe i should finally go finish the TT quests on my pala :P And check out the map changes at the same time.

2. [Mini Theme Dungeon] Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery
Spiegelmann’s Gonzo Gallery is a new 1-person mini theme dungeon for players level 50-120.
Within the gallery, Spiegelmann is showcasing some of his most proud works but there is a secret behind those paintings.
Why not go explore and find out the secrets yourself?!
By completing the quests that Spiegelmann gives you, you will be able to uncover the secret and earn some nice rewards!
zzzzzzz lvl 50-120. I just lvled my phantom to 121 yesterday… oh wells… can bring my noobs like my sis's i/l and my bam there… IF i even explore that place… o.o

 3. [New Expedition] Hilla 
In the city of Azwan, as efforts of liberation spread through Maple World, its corrupt conqueror Hilla, has finally appeared to defend her control over the territory!
Challenge Hilla by talking to Medina.
There are 2 ways to challenge Hilla, the Normal mode, for those level 120 and above and the Hard mode, for those level 170 and above.
New fight for azwan mode… the rewards don't look enticing though… a lvl 120 cane, or a cash earrings, or a time limited pet… unless there's something special about the pet and earrings that i don't know about…? And the weapon… how come only got cane? Nothing else ah…? -.-''' that's kinda stupid… think we all phantom is it? We got other chars besides phantom one leh!
4. [Class Revamp] Dual Blades 
Now you can choose your DB gender when making the char, just like mercs, phantom, zen etc… can choose hairstyles too… and of cos there's all the usual skill changes which I'm not gonna list out here. my DB kena abandoned long ago so… /heh

So that's all for the 'Patch Notes' part!
Not bad lah, at least got SOME interesting stuff, like the monster park thing. At least will make me feel like trying out MP, even if its just for the sake of taking SSes. Oh the TT revamp too… maybe can go complete the quests on my pala… provided its not flooded with hackers by the time i log in… but i think it'll be… -.-''' oh wells.
Read the next part on the 'Events' here.

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