Friday, January 4, 2013

3x exp and white christmas…?

I know i know, this is very late, but i still feel like commenting on them anyway.

Refer to the following notices posted by AS --> Closure of White Christmas Event and First 3X EXP & Drop Rate of 2013

Meh… 15mins of 3x exp and 3x drop rate. How very useful really. Feels totally like: start off your new year right! see 15 mins of hackers lvling up to lvl 200! to me.

Of cos, i didn’t actually log in during the 15mins though… i've not been online for like 2 weeks… since the day my friend came over and we mapled. Cwkpq bugged so no batch.

Stupid sia the bug. Quest to get mark of heroism and keystone gone not enough, test of unity stage is bugged… ppl will lena DC-ed randomly when trying to exit the job rooms with the weapons… zzzzzz the last day we tried was just horrid. Went 2 rounds and 1st round all 5 of us DC-ed, including me and law who DC-ed of the first time. 2nd round 3 ppl dced. End up i refund the spons and lost $$$ cos of the tax… i very nice ok, give them back 30m instead of the 28.5m i received after tax… sighs.

White christmas thing… as soon as the event came out, ppl started complaining in forums about hackers looting everything already… but AS didn’t not a thing till 29th Dec… Its like… such half hearted service zzzzzz. Are we supposed to applaud them for actually bothering to close the event? Even if its like more than a month late? My ass lah… -.-''' 

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