Friday, January 4, 2013

Blocking of Cygnus Chamber Map

Again o.o

just when my guild's cygnus run was gonna resume… darn

Seriously though, i don't see how it'll help anything… just look at the number of hackers in-game everyday… Like way more hackers than legit players now. Can they really implement an effective anti-hacker system? Nope… they only come up with stupid stuff like 50/100 fame requirements. And its not JUST the hacking in cygnus that they shd be concerned about, there are SO MANY hackers all over the place that they need to catch. Or more like, there's too many hackers for them to catch already yeah? It's already become mission impossible.


The announcement:

Dear Maplers,

It has come to our attention on the recent increase reports of hack abuse in Cygnus Chamber Map.

With effect from 4th January 2012, 1515hrs (GMT+8), Cygnus Chamber Map will once again be temporary blocked. Maplers will be automatically ported back to Henesys town when they attempt to enter the Cygnus Chamber Map.

We seek your kind understanding while the developers are working on a fix.

Once again we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

-Maple Administrator


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